From loyal wife to first on-camera fuck

From loyal wife to first on-camera shag

From loyal wife to first on-camera fuck

“We booked a undressed cruise and detected out it was a swinger married couples cruise, so we figured we’d try it out,” said Rose Mastos, a 44-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother who lives in Colorado. By “we,” this babe means she and her boyfriend of 25 years.

“We liked it and completely dived into it and have had more experiences in nine months than some people have in years. That charmer said he could cancel it, but I told, ‘No, let’s try it and see.’ The first time we attempted it, I got back into the car afterward and said, ‘That was mind blowing!’ I truly liked it.

“We got with a pair that had been swinging for a during the time that. They were a younger pair. And we did velvety exchange, which is where we did everything except penetration with the opposite partner’s partner. I even sitting on his face, and the cutie said, ‘Have you ever been with a angel?’ and I hadn’t, and my partner and I were completely monogamous in advance of this, and I kissed a goddess and I liked it, and I’ve been doing it ever since!”

Do the math: Rose got married when this babe was Nineteen. That babe hadn’t had much erotic experience. Then this babe and her boyfriend were monogamous. Then swinging started nine months agone. And now this, her first bonk scene for all the world to watch. Rose is playing catchup and loving it.

“I come from a very conservative, religious background,” Rose said. “I have always been the worthy goddess, not at any time getting with out line or doing anything bad.”

In the opening photos, Rose is wearing a tight, red top and a taut skirt that nicely flaunt off her curves. She’s clearly enjoying herself. So is the ladies man, who ends up cumming all over her charming face.

As XXX debuts go, this is a very valuable one. And Rose is a very worthwhile girl.

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