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Clover Curves

Clover Curves

How to have sex in a video theater by Felicia Clover: “First of all, we detect a episode theater that’s indeed empty. Then we sneak in after the movie starts so that people are not paying attention to us. And then I’ve cowgirl sex in the chair. You know, bouncing up and down on the dick. But we get to be very, very, very quiet.”

How to have sex while driving by Felicia Clover: “Well, first you discover a deserted road. The more deserted, the better so u don’t run into anyone. Ok, so I’ve the fellow lay down in the driver’s seat and that woman chaser puts his foot on the gas. Then I sit on his cock, reverse and do all the steering while we have sex. I completely suggest that people try it!”

This has not been a public service announcement by Felicia Clover.

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