Feisty, Fun, Flirty

Feisty, Fun, Brazen

Feisty, Enjoyment, Flirty

“Why do u keep looking at me like that?” Addison Tied asked.

Oh, Addison, we know you know why. It is ‘coz your 34HH-cup pointer sisters are staring right at us and we can’t assist but look.

“Oh, I watch,” Addison adds, stroking her naturals. “Do u wish to touch me in my wonderful underware? Urge to take a closer look?”

Addison spins around and we acquire a look at her from every angle. And she looks stunning from every angle.

“You like my bigger than run of the mill scones?” That babe asks. “We have the complete evening to ourselves to play.”

That’s not nearly as much time as we’d love to play with ’em, but we’ll take it. Addison pinches, cuddles and squeezes her consummate mams previous to peeling off her underware and thongs so she can jack off her wet crack. Her cum-hole is cleanly bald and her like button looks ripe for sucking on. Addison receives down on the floor, strokes her vagina lips, and when she climaxes, a look of bliss washes over her face.

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