Estelle Taylor – Glamour Girl

Glamour Goddess

Glamour Girl

This is Estelle’s 3rd pictorial and matching movie. Estelle’s debut for SCORE and the follow-up generated lots of comments. The magazine readers were slightly more prolific in their praise for Estelle than SCORELAND web members.

When that babe was entered in the Rookie of the Year 2012 contest, M.S. voted for her and wrote, “Estelle is the almost any purely glamourous angel of all of the nominees. That babe has a gorgeous face to go with her consummate skinny and stacked natural figure. Estelle is the pleasing angel next door. I hope that we will watch her for a long time to come.”

Hitomi wound up winning that contest but there’s always the next level, Porn star of the year contest. Estelle will almost certainly be in the oozing when the nominees are announced.

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