Creamy & Juicy

Creamy & Moist

Creamy & Juicy

“I get to buy special bras because it’s rigid to find bras in my size,” told Ann Calis, a soaked looker who went from Voluptuously-built to plump. “I must receive ’em from specialty stores and that takes time. If they do not fit properly, it is uncomfortable to wear all day.

“Most males do not understand. None of my girlfriends have billibongs my size, so I cannot ask ’em for advice. I usually can acquire the ones I urge that are comfortable.

“I adore having big mambos. Having a voluptuous body and curves to me is very feminine and hot. Anything about this means lady to me. When I go to sofa at night, many times I will rub my wobblers and teats. I like to feel them in my hands. If I cant sleep I will masturbate and have an big O. Then I go to sleep right away.”

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