Christy Lee – Christy Gets Railed

Christy Acquires Railed

Christy Gets Railed

Christy Lee was a 34-year-old Florida HORNY HOUSEWIFE and looked adore Suzanne Somers with indeed big meatballs when we got her to do this unyielding SCORE movie scene with porn buck Talon. It took a year after meeting her. Christy solely wanted to do solos at first. This babe eventually phoned us when she made her decision to try hardcore and away we went.

Talon is the brother of TT Skirt chaser, a prolific porn guy himself. They the one and the other shag hotty’s like greasy oil rigs drilling for petroleum. Christy did not know what hit her but this babe loved each second. Getting fucked love this brings out all the hidden heat in a woman.

Christy talks a lot when she’s getting drilled which jacks up the smut level considerably. Girls who talk messy are much more thrilling to view than a honey who just silently takes a pounding until the lady-killer blows his cum.

This one had a story but it was an appropriately bawdy porn dream. Talon is a gynecologist and Christy is his stacked patient who acts like a rude slut with a obscene mouth. That babe taunts the gyno, belittles him and brags about her young smooth operator husband and his greater than run of the mill pecker. That only means a harder grudge screw when Talon gets his chance. It is an weird thing that people who pretend to dislike each other, even in a porn set-up, screw dirtier than a couple who adore, or even like, each other.

That gent even uses a speculum to spread Christy’s pink flaps apart. You do not watch that much anymore. It used to be quite the fad in porn from around ’98 until the mid-00’s. Talon too licks Christy’s cum-hole, smth a lot of current American porn studs don’t seem to do much anymore either.

Talon takes Christy to her apartment after the exam, and bonks the shit without her. This babe receives the pile driver treatment (upside down, legs in the air, the lad squatting over her and drilling into her cunt).

Christy had told the cameraman/director that this babe liked being rogered hard so this charmer let things rip. When asked what her much loved sex position was, that babe even said, “Any position where the boy can actually bury his ding-dong so I can feel his testicles slapping me.” Whoa!!

The final we knew Christy was still living in West Palm Beach. She probably still looks sexy. And this babe probably still has that messy vocabulary. Is the time mellow for a comeback?

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