Can’t fuck the step-daughter? Then fuck the step-mom!

Can not shag the step-daughter? Then shag the step-mom!

Can't copulate the step-daughter? Then shag the step-mom!

Karen DeVille, a 52-year-old housewife from Delaware, leads Johnny into her living room. Karen is looking very sexy in a taut, short skirt and a lace top.

“Is Annie intend to be here soon,” he asks Mrs. DeVille.

“Oh, no,” Karen says. “Annie’s not intend to be here for a little whilst, so maybe we can just hang out. How does that sound?”

He says it sounds great, but then Karen takes the conversation in a direction Johnny at not time could have contemplated.

“Have you done it yet?” she asks.

“Done it?” that gent asks.

“With my step-daughter.”

“No,” Johnny says. “She’s very conservative.”

“But I’m not,” Karen says. “I’m naughty. Have you fucked anybody old like me? Perhaps in her 50s?”

He hasn’t, but he’s about to.

Warning to step-daughters: Beware of step-mothers like Karen.

Warning to boyfriends of step-daughters with hawt moms like Karen: No warning necessary. Just have at it!

So, Karen sucks his 10-Pounder, and then Johnny screws her wet crack, and when he’s ready to unload, this smooth operator blasts Karen’s face with cum. And does this babe feel guilty about what this babe just did with her step-daughter’s partner? By no means. And does Johnny feel guilty? No rogering way!

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