Cali Houston – Cali Rocks Your Boat

Cali Rocks Your Boat

Cali Rocks Your Boat

Calling Cali Houston a frisky lady is a bit of an understatement. That babe loves chicks. She likes dudes. She’s definitely sexually assertive. “It’s fun picking up single bucks without the blue. The shock factor,” Cali said. “I’ll pick up a chap, and me and my hubby will take him back home, and the stud will copulate me during the time that my partner watches.” She’s into anal invasion. DPs. She loves sucking balls, as she proves in her scene in the DVD #2. Cali was engaged to be married when those pics were taken (that babe has since gotten married), but that did not avoid her from visiting our studio and banging a pair of men she’d not ever met before. “I had a blast,” she told.

Cali grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where that babe was a cheerleader in high school. This babe enjoys water- and snow-skiing, working out, cooking and partying with friends. She isn’t into any fetishes but says she’d love to “get blindfolded by 3 or four guys I know and guess who is who.” This babe masturbates by getting on her knees in front of a full-length mirror and straddling her butterfly sextoy whilst watching herself play with her bra buddies. When she is out in public, shewears constricted, low-rise jeans and low-cut tops with fuck-me pumps. “I love attention,” she told. “I love to be observed.” She came to the right place.

Any time can be the right time for Cali. “My fiancé and I were on our boat, and we pulled up to a bar and had a hardly any drinks,” Cali told. “I noticed a hawt lad and asked my fiancé if I could copulate him. I said the lad the situation and got him on the boat. We went out on the water, and I had my way with one as well as the other of them.” Cali definitely rocked the boat. “You can say that anew! Half the time, I did not know who was in my face hole and who was in my slit. And I did not care!”

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