By day, Eve Bannon is an office manager in Nevada.

By day, Eve Bannon is an office manager in Nevada.

By day, Eve Bannon is an office manager in Nevada.

By night, Eve is very much like the woman who lives next door to you. She’s not a nudist. This babe is not a swinger. She would at not time describe herself as a wild female.

But here she is, dressed to bonk in a short, red skirt, a corset and darksome boots, engulfing pecker with obvious like and affection for a boner, getting her cunt fucked, opening her mouth for cum and getting nasty with it. This is not smth the everyday woman-next-door does. But Eve is doing it, and that makes this scene particular.

“I’d never thought about doing everything like this, but now I’m doing it and I’m having a great time,” told Eve, who is Fifty two and divorced. “I’m relaxed, comfortable, savouring myself. You are not ever likewise old to try smth recent. Learn something recent. Mentally, I was thinking, ‘This is intend to be a blast,’ and then I was wondering if I could do it and asking myself, ‘Are they going to adore me?’ You know, insecurities about whether I’d be expert to do this sort of thing, but I still wanted to do it. I was adore, ‘I’m not intend to know unless I try. I’m not going to feel comfortable unless I try.’ So here I am, trying.”

Trying and succeeding.

“I would describe myself as being monogamous but adventurous,” Eve said. “I adore to try fresh things with my partner, but I am somewhat monogamous about it. I mean, I think we can do a lot of ram together, and I would rather share it with a person I care about, but it doesn’t have to be limited. It doesn’t need to be boring. I think there is always smth recent to be identified.”

Like appreciating sex with a stranger, on-camera, as she’s doing here? Eve not ever expected to be a superstar, either. But that is exactly what she’s.

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