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A valuable, foamy bubble baths was just the luxuriant activity Merilyn was up for early in the morning. This babe was in a mischieveous mood and threatened to splash the photographer. But that babe did not mean it for real. Perhaps this babe might have if he had brought his underwater digital camera! Writes K.L.: “Wouldn’t life be great if there were hundreds of thousands of girls as built as Merilyn. But there is only ONE of her. What a tragedy! Life plays its cold-blooded jokes. At least this babe decided to make the almost any of her fantastic assets and become a exposed adult model. I have read some letters in SCORE and Voluptuous that do not treat her as the phenomenon this babe is. I guess those studs are just burnt out or bored with everything. Let me assure you that Merilyn is a true genetic masterpiece. I have by no means viewed a body like hers ever! We are very fortunate coz most gals would NEVER pose adore Merilyn does. There’re thousands of adult models on the Internet and majority of ’em are total losers compared to her.”

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