Boobs & Badonkadonk

Mammaries & Badonkadonk

Boobs & Badonkadonk

It is some other glorious day in South Florida and the equally glorious Ms Yummy gives the Miami skyline a 2 ass-cheek hello by twerking her mellow cans and jiggling her enormous bouncy bosoms. She is on a terrace overlooking the bay, coming all the way from Chicago to strut her pleasant ram.

“I love porn,” said Ms Tasty. “It gives me so much freedom.”

Brick watches, his eyes bulging at the sight of this little sexbomb doing her thing. Ms Palatable likes an audience and likes to 1st put on a reveal for a lad she’s going to shag. Brick receives hands-on, feeling up her ripe rack, sinking his fingers into her breast and buttock flesh. This playgirl is smoking hot.

Adore any man Ms Tasty meets, he can not wait to jump her in the bedroom. Ms Yummy offers they head there away from any prying eyes next door or boating by. Inside the abode, Ms Tasty resumes her twerk-dance, now willing to dance on his jock. Brick first feeds her pecker. “I give fine head,” said Ms Palatable in the understatement of the year. Brick finds out how nice that babe is as a head giver, then takes her from behind.

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