Hard Cock For A Soft Bra-Buster

Hard Cock For A Soft Bra-Buster

Hard Cock For A Soft Bra-Buster

Sirale hooks up with Neeo, a dependable Czech stud who has pounded many of the sexiest Eastern Europeans, such as Barbara Angel, Sharon Pink and Westy. He’s playing around with a new camera when Sirale checks up on him. Sirale and girls like her are instinctively turned on when there’s a camera in a guy’s hands and she wants him to snap her. He tries but he’s having problems with its technical complexities.

Sirale hovers over him, sticking her large cleavage in his face and giving him a back rub. She’s trying her best to distract him from reading the camera manual. She looks at our camera and you can picture the light bulb appearing over her head as she comes up with the right way to get him away from his new toy.

She leaves and comes back in her bra and panties. Now, Neeo is all eyes and they’re feasting on Sirale’s buxom body. He starts shooting Sirale as she poses on the couch. Cameras were created to attract, photograph and potentially fuck sexy, pretty women. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different or give you bullshit about art. Neeo’s picture-taking wraps up quickly and he begins to fondle and play with eager Sirale’s hot and curvy body. She is anxious to get filled by the cock and Neeo has the right equipment to service Sirale.

He feeds her hungry mouth and Sirale gobbles his shaft. While he’s fucking those big boobs, she sticks her tongue out to lick the tip. She lies back on the couch so he can eat out her wet pussy. Sirale repays the favor by jerking and tit-fucking his dick again. She gets the bone up her pink pussy-pocket, and Neeo rams it in hard, pumping her shaved slit of pleasure. Sirale wants it harder and faster and she gets it.

Czech bra-busters are into being really hammered and Sirale is no exception. They could be the ultimate fuck toys out of all the nationalities of the world. Her tits shake, quiver, dangle and swing as Neeo humps and grinds her in as many positions as they can think of. He power-fucks Sirale and then facials her with a load smack in the kisser. She stares straight into the camera and smiles as the nut-nectar drips down her chin and onto her big, sexy jugs.

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60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

A hot, sexy, horny 60-year-old woman like Presley St. Claire doesn’t come to 60PlusMILFs.com because she wants any old cock. She can get that in her neighborhood bar. Pick up one of the horny oldies and see if he can get his dick up.

Nope. She comes here because she wants hard, young cock, and that’s what Presley gets today…from her step-son.

You see, she thinks she’s all alone. She’s in bed, fingering her pussy, getting herself off and really enjoying herself.

At the same time, Elias, who’s only 19 years old, comes home and hears a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom. And when he peeks around the corner, he sees his old step-mom masturbating.

That’s not the kind of thing a teenage boy sees every day. And when he gets caught, Presley’s mad that her step-son is peeping on her, right? Wrong! She tells him to get his cock out, and before long, step-mom and step-son are doing things most step-moms and step-sons don’t do together.

Presley on masturbation: “I enjoy rubbing my pussy with my fingers and dildos that don’t vibrate.”

Her fetish: “Lots of kissing.” Kissing’s a fetish? Okay.

Kinkiest sexual encounters: “I’ve had many kinky encounters at the swingers clubs and in elevators.”

Going up!

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Mrs. North fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Mrs. North fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Mrs. North fucks her daughter's boyfriend

Dressed in a tight top and short skirt, 41-year-old wife and mom Julia North is surprised when she walks into her daughter’s bedroom and sees a guy lying on the bed. Who is this guy and what’s he doing in her kid’s bedroom?

“I’m your daughter’s boyfriend,” he says. “She said I could wait here.”

Julia’s never met him. Actually, the guy seems to be a little old to be her daughter’s boyfriend, but you know how some guys are, always thinking young pussy is the best pussy, not realizing that mature pussy trumps all.

“What are you doing here?” Julia asks.

“Just waiting for your daughter,” he says, like the cat who’s about to eat the canary.

“You’re fucking my daughter?” she says.

He doesn’t want to answer.

“She’s 18, so…”

“Maybe her mother?” she says. “Show me, please, what you have.”

What he has? He has a hard-on, of course, and it’s about to be sucked and fucked like no 18-year-old can. For example, she’s going to feast on his balls. She’s going to show him positions he never knew existed. And then he’s going to cum on her tits.

As for Julia’s daughter, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Until her boyfriend breaks up with her, of course.

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Sexy & Sweet

Sexy & Sweet

Sexy & Sweet

There are a lot of things to like about Suzumi Wilder. She’s sweet, a gamer, an animal lover and a biology student. But there’s one thing you should know about her that you may not know.

“I love anal sex” she said. “I think the best part about it is when the guy starts by licking your ass before he sticks his dick inside of you. I love having my ass licked, and the feeling of a nice, big cock sliding inside of my ass…it’s so good.”

We love every chance we get to have a chat with Suzumi. She’s always bubbly and talkative. Especially when the topic inevitably slides to sex. In this interview, Suzumi dishes on the first time she had anal sex, and why she’ll always be a butt-slut.

That’s just a bit of foreplay, though. All this talk has Suzumi’s pussy tingling, so she pulls her panties to the side and starts to play with her clit and finger her cunt.

“I want someone to fuck my ass,” she says sliding a finger in and out of her cunt. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Suzumi lays down so she can fuck her ass while diddling her clit, her moans growing more intense by the second.

“I want your cock in my ass so bad,” she says. “I want your cum in my ass.”

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Getting to know Presley St. Claire’s pussy

Getting to know Presley St. Claire’s pussy

Getting to know Presley St. Claire's pussy

“I’ve been a swinger for 30 years,” said Presley St. Claire, who was 60 years old when this scene was shot (she turned 61 the other day). “My wildest experience? Having 10 dicks in my face at once. What a buffet!”

Today, this happily married mom serves up a buffet of nice tits and well-fucked pussy. Presley, who was born in California and lives in Texas, is no newbie to showing off her body and fucking on-camera, and she’s a nice, naughty addition to the 60PlusMILFs.com family.

Hobbies: painting, spending time with her children and dogs and reading Longarm western novels.

Her perfect day: “Wake up late, have breakfast in bed, then a bubble bath before I get dressed for a day at the spa and end with a body massage.”

She used to be a corporate secretary.

She likes men who can pick her up and fuck her.

She has sex several times a week.

What gets her off?

“A big dick in my mouth and then my pussy.”

That’ll happen in a few days.

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Krystal cums hard

Krystal cums hard

Krystal cums hard

“I cum really hard from mish,” said Krystal Davis, a 48-year-old wife and mother of three who was born in the Philippines and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It’s just that angle. It can go deeper.”

Here, we get to see Mrs. Davis getting fucked in the missionary (and a whole lot of other) positions, and you’d better believe the guy fucks her deep. No surprise there. She’s a hottie who’s dressed in a short, tight, sexy dress when Nicky comes over, and she doesn’t have to take off her panties because they’re crotchless. In the end, Nicky shoots his load all over Krystal’s face and she swallows some of his cum.

“In my previous career, I was an executive and a teacher and normally conservative,” said Krystal, who’s obviously shed the conservative aspect of her personality. Or maybe she was conservative in her work life and not-so-conservative in her private life. After all, she has been a swinger since 2005 and has fond memories of the house party during which she squirted all night and ran through all the towels. Hey, if you have to do the laundry, that’s a very good reason.

Favorite TV shows: Criminal Minds and CSI.

Kinds of guys she likes: “Ones with big dicks.”

Perfect day or evening: “Having a cock or two in any of my holes.”

Ya gotta love a woman like that.

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A MILF worth waiting for

A MILF worth waiting for

A MILF worth waiting for

It never hurts to give a woman time. What do we mean by that? Well, take this scene, which features 55-year-old wife, mom and grandmother Mya Evans‘ second suck and fuck at 50PlusMILFs.com.

We don’t get to the sucking and fucking quickly. Nope. Mya takes her time, touching her body softly, getting herself all warmed up, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. The truth is this would have made a very good solo scene.

But Mrs. Evans wants company. Not from her husband. From…you! That’s right, this is a P.O.V. scene, and you’ve been waiting patiently for Mya to give you the signal, which she does after she’s cum once or twice. How have you not shot your load by now? Self-control.

But then she does give you the signal and takes out your cock. Then she sticks your cock in her mouth, and looking down, you’re loving the sight of a hot mom sucking your dick. Of course, you’re going to get to fuck her, too, because a woman like Mya doesn’t do things halfway. And when you’re ready to shoot your load, she doesn’t cum-dodge. Nope, she laps it up, proving once again that patience is definitely a virtue.

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Play Time

Play Time

Play Time

Nikky Wilder likes “dirty humor.”

“I think sex talk made into jokes is hilarious,” said Nikky. Like all girls, she likes to hear compliments if they’re done right and done smooth.

“I love attention. I love getting checked out and getting hit on. Twitter has great compliments and horrid ones. Telling me something like ‘You have amazing eyes’ or ‘You have a great smile’ is super sweet. Guys with dick pics Tweeting ‘You do this to me’ are not such great compliments.

“I feel sexy when I make eye-contact with a guy or a girl and they smile at me, then look at my chest. I like guys who have a great sense of humor and don’t try to be anyone other than themselves.”

If you live in Nikky’s world, you’re in a good place. We all want more girls just like Nikky.

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My oh Mya!

My oh Mya!

My oh Mya!

Now a year older than the last time we saw her, having celebrated her 55th birthday, wife, mother and granny Mya Evans from Ukraine is back to show off her tight, sexy body and pleasure herself with a toy. Mrs. Evans is a very sensual woman, and we’re very happy that her hubby doesn’t mind sharing his wife’s body with the world. He’s a lucky man.

Mya now lives in the Czech Republic, which is obviously a good thing. She enjoys swimming and traveling and usually goes out wearing short shorts and minis, which are always sexy articles of clothing and even sexier when they’re being worn by a confident, mature woman.

“A man attracts me with noble deeds and a respectful attitude towards a woman,” Mya said.

In other words, pulling out your cock and asking her to suck it is not the way to Mya’s heart or pussy.

Mya has dabbled in swinging.

Her friends know she’s here, doing this.

Sexual fantasies? “I fantasize when I start having sex, not in advance.”

Mya will fuck again this Thursday. “Fuck”…is that respectful?

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Mrs. Davis wants you to jack off to her

Mrs. Davis wants you to jack off to her

Mrs. Davis wants you to jack off to her

Today, Krystal Davis, a happily married 48-year-old mom and step-mom who was born in the Philippines and now lives in Las Vegas, shows off her fine ass and big tits with chocolate nips. She also deep-fingers her pussy. When she gets on all fours, she spreads her ass so you can get fine views of both of her fuck holes. Basically, this is an excellent scene to jack off to, and that’s exactly what Mrs. Davis wants you to do.

40Something: Are you a swinger?

Krystal: Yes, but I don’t do it as much as I used to.

40Something: What was your wildest experience?

Krystal: A house party where I squirted all night and used up all the towels.

40Something: Do you masturbate?

Krystal: Yes. I fuck a lot, but at the end of the day, I still have one or two cums left in me, so I use my favorite bullet vibrator to get me there. I call it my best friend.

40Something: How often do you have sex?

Krystal: Every chance I get.

40Something: Do you like to be watched when you’re having sex?

Krystal: It depends on who’s watching. Yes, but I do enjoy private time, too.

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Peyton’s Just Desserts

Peyton’s Just Desserts

Peyton's Just Desserts

A tasty treat herself, Peyton Thomas has a big array of tasty treats spread before her. Cupcakes in all kinds of bright colors. They’re not simply for tasting. They’re for decoration. Decorating Peyton’s enormous boobs and her tasty tush cheeks, that is.

By the time Peyton is done, her body is a palette of blue, yellow, pink and purple frosting. Taste the rainbow! It’s a cupcake orgy for a girl who’s a cupcake. She just needs a dude to lick her all over as if in a Feed Her, Fuck Her scene.

Peyton is athletic and likes to play volleyball. In school, Peyton was a cheerleader. We can picture it now.

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