Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

A hot, sexy, horny 60-year-old woman like Presley St. Claire doesn’t come to because she wants any old cock. She can get that in her neighborhood bar. Pick up one of the horny oldies and see if he can get his dick up.

Nope. She comes here because she wants hard, young cock, and that’s what Presley gets today…from her step-son.

You see, she thinks she’s all alone. She’s in bed, fingering her pussy, getting herself off and really enjoying herself.

At the same time, Elias, who’s only 19 years old, comes home and hears a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom. And when he peeks around the corner, he sees his old step-mom masturbating.

That’s not the kind of thing a teenage boy sees every day. And when he gets caught, Presley’s mad that her step-son is peeping on her, right? Wrong! She tells him to get his cock out, and before long, step-mom and step-son are doing things most step-moms and step-sons don’t do together.

Presley on masturbation: “I enjoy rubbing my pussy with my fingers and dildos that don’t vibrate.”

Her fetish: “Lots of kissing.” Kissing’s a fetish? Okay.

Kinkiest sexual encounters: “I’ve had many kinky encounters at the swingers clubs and in elevators.”

Going up!

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Tetas Y Culo!

Tetas Y Culo!

Tetas Y Culo!

With her unbelievable rack that makes grown men stagger and hyperventilate, Daylene Rio can pretty much own any guy she sets her sights on. All she needs to do is wear a dress like the one she’s wearing in this reverse strip sequence and eye-bang you and you’re done for.

From waking up and giving herself a wake-up quickie to picking the right bra, panties, dress and heels to wear, Daylene’s preparation before she leaves for the day is a thrill ride of big boobs and big booty. To be Daylene’s tailor and bra-fitter… that would be nice. Even better would be to hear Daylene call you “Papi” as you plunged your hard dick into her tight pussy.

If you were going out on a date with Daylene and you could sit and wait in her bedroom as she got dressed and ready, you’d probably encourage her to try on even more outfits and underwear and take her time getting dressed. What’s the rush to go out?

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Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

Kitty Amore: British Bombshell

“I was the girl with the biggest breasts in school. I had E-cups by the time I left,” said Kitty Amore. “Now I have 36K-cup tits and it’s sometimes difficult to buy bras. I prefer a full cup and lots of support.

“Since lockdown, I’ve started wearing bras much less. I love letting them be free. I do put on a bra when I go out. I’m happy having such large breasts and I’m happy being able to model and express myself.”

Kitty has that wow factor that makes people turn around to look at her. They may never guess what she does for a living but they know she’s someone special. She likes connecting with people, male or female. “When it’s a beautiful connection, sex becomes a lot more intimate and passionate.”

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What Julia’s daughter doesn’t know won’t hurt her

What Julia’s daughter doesn’t know won’t hurt her

What Julia's daughter doesn't know won't hurt her

Dressed in a tight top and short skirt, 41-year-old wife and mom Julia North is surprised when she walks into her daughter’s bedroom and sees a guy lying on the bed. Who is this guy and what’s he doing in her kid’s bedroom?

“I’m your daughter’s boyfriend,” he says. “She said I could wait here.”

Julia’s never met him. Actually, the guy seems to be a little old to be her daughter’s boyfriend, but you know how some guys are, always thinking young pussy is the best pussy, not realizing that mature pussy trumps all.

“What are you doing here?” Julia asks.

“Just waiting for your daughter,” he says, like the cat who’s about to eat the canary.

“You’re fucking my daughter?” she says.

He doesn’t want to answer.

“She’s 18, so…”

“Maybe her mother?” she says. “Show me, please, what you have.”

What he has? He has a hard-on, of course, and it’s about to be sucked and fucked like no 18-year-old can. For example, she’s going to feast on his balls. She’s going to show him positions he never knew existed. And then he’s going to cum on her tits.

As for Julia’s daughter, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Until her boyfriend breaks up with her, of course.

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Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop

Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop

Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop

Joana Bliss is a girl with a glow in her eyes. The way she makes eye contact with the camera is just as appealing to fans as her magnificent tits.

The year was 2004 and a busty model named Crisa webcammed from home in Romania. We liked Crisa. Our photo team hadn’t explored Romania. They soon found that Romanian girls are sensational and sensationally developed. Years later, hotties Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans informed us and the world that eating corn gives Romanian girls big boobs.

Crisa told us that she knew a few other local girls that the readers would want to see. One of those girls was Joana. Joana came onboard for shoots in Romania and then later in Spain. She had that special glow in her eyes in 2004 and she still has it today.

As recently as 2019, Elliot James wrote, “Getting Joana to talk about sex is not easy, and despite her obvious sexuality when she poses, I don’t think we’ll ever see her do hardcore.” Obviously, there is work to be done on his fortune-telling skills.

The reaction to Joana’s first boy-girl included the following comments.

“I’ve been fantasizing about making love to this gorgeous woman for years. And, as much as I wish I was the lucky-ass dude in this scene, it’s nice to finally see Joanna doing hardcore.”

“Finally! This is like when Angela White went hardcore. Thank you SCORE!”

“Worth the wait! Looked like Joana was into the tit-fucking the most! I lost it with her eye contact when in reverse-cowgirl!! Thanks Joana!!”

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Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

Brick Danger gets a call from Kamille Amora to come over about a serious matter. Her boyfriend is Brick’s best friend and he hasn’t been giving Kamille any cock for some time. This is not a good situation because Kamille wants to get fucked and as often as possible.

She’s called Brick because she secretly wants him to fuck her, and the lack of sex from her boyfriend has reached critical levels. Brick drops by and listens to her talk about the problem. He gets the hint to move in on his buddy’s girl because Kamille is in her bedroom and dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a top that shows off her XL-sized tits–boobs that are pure man-bait for horny guys.

Brick picks up her signals, but just to make sure, Kamille reaches out to touch him. There are best friends and then there are breast friends. It’s either the bro code and respect your best friend or fuck your best friend’s girl in their bed when he’s not home and make her your breast friend.

Brick takes the high road and fucks Kamille’s mouth, tits and pussy, then loads Kamille’s waiting open mouth with a pint of jizz. Now he won’t have to jack off at home thinking about Kamille. He can just visit when his friend’s not home so he and Kamille can smash.

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Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

22-year-old Oksana wasn’t busty until she turned 17. “At home I like to wear casual tops or be naked,” said Oksana. “When I leave my home, I wear a bra.”

Oksana prefers to be in a relationship before she has sex.

“I don’t have sex often. Sex in public sounds interesting but I think I would never dare to do that. I would be too afraid. I’m more relaxed when I have sex in private.

“I like to do blow jobs. I often imagine that a dick is a lollipop, but I don’t like it when they cum in my mouth. My fantasy is I’ve never had sex with a girl. So I really want to try that. I also dream of getting cum inside my pussy.”

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Mystery Date With Minka

Mystery Date With Minka

Mystery Date With Minka

When Ryan McLane calls an agency for a date, he has specific needs. Asian. Really big tits. A woman with the biggest tits they know. McLane emphasizes really big tits. They tell him they have someone who’s just right.

When the mystery date shows up at McLane’s house, he’s stunned when he hears her say “Minka is here.” A major fan of Minka since he first saw her videos and photos, McLane is all over Minka like he’s glued to her. Before they get to the bedroom, he’s licking her long nipples, licking her bushy pussy and playing tongue hockey. She’s out of her clothes and completely nude when they finally get on the bed to suck and fuck.

One of the funniest SCORE Girls ever, Minka is one of the few stars who is not a fan of giant porn cocks and she’s made it known in her own unique way.

“I have a very small pussy, so I like small dicks. My favorite kind of dick is five inches! Little dicks, I enjoy. It’s more exciting. But with big dicks, I cannot move. I can fuck, but it’s hard. Little dicks are much better. I love them. Little dicks are better. A guy with a big dick can eat my pussy. That is good. Having sex with a big dick is like playing three sets of tennis! My pussy is numb!”

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Mya and her vibe

Mya and her vibe

Mya and her vibe

Now a year older than the last time we saw her, having celebrated her 55th birthday, wife, mother and granny Mya Evans from Ukraine is back to show off her tight, sexy body and pleasure herself with a toy. Mrs. Evans is a very sensual woman, and we’re very happy that her hubby doesn’t mind sharing his wife’s body with the world. He’s a lucky man.

Mya now lives in the Czech Republic, which is obviously a good thing. She enjoys swimming and traveling and usually goes out wearing short shorts and minis, which are always sexy articles of clothing and even sexier when they’re being worn by a confident, mature woman.

“A man attracts me with noble deeds and a respectful attitude towards a woman,” Mya said.

In other words, pulling out your cock and asking her to suck it is not the way to Mya’s heart or pussy.

Mya has dabbled in swinging.

Her friends know she’s here, doing this.

Sexual fantasies? “I fantasize when I start having sex, not in advance.”

Mya will fuck again this Thursday. “Fuck”…is that respectful?

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Sha Zam!

Sha Zam!

Sha Zam!

Sha Zam! is right as this meritorious marvel continues to cast her spell on an army of fascinated followers. She has the body of a big-boobed beauty queen and the face of a high-fashion model. Sha is very expressive and happy in this pictorial and beams a bright smile in nearly every photo.

“I’m very happy with myself and my breasts. I’m comfortable with them and I’m happy that God gave them to me so I can be a model,” Sha said in one of her chats. “Everything I am, is from my mother.”

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Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

Molly Evans: I've Got A Secret

Molly Evans is a talented, playful and huggable teen dream. The teen-tit club is all about girls who started with The SCORE Group at eighteen or nineteen, such as Kerry Marie, Sharday and Nicole Peters. Molly is a perfect addition.

XLGIRLS: Molly, do you exercise, do Yoga or dance?

Molly Evans: Yes, I started to go in for sports again and I was thinking about horseback riding. I love being a rider.

XLGIRLS: Do other girls ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Molly Evans: Of course. Not everyone has such breasts. Everyone is shocked when my boobs come out but they comment in different ways. Sometimes they want to either hug me or touch them.

XLGIRLS: Do your friends call you by any special names?

Molly Evans: Oh, yeah, basically it’s “Busty, busty, milking girl with wide eyes,” “Titty shaking” or “Big boobs.”

XLGIRLS: We wish they had big boobs like you have. Thanks for being you, Molly.

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