Beautiful Bikini Nipples

Attractive Bathing dress Nipps

Beautiful Swim suit Nipples

Kaho Shibuya changes into a few bikinis, plays with the flags of many nations, uses a bigger than typical cock-toy on her natural pantoons and rubs herself the right way. She’s a living doll, a greater than average star in Japan, and this babe made her western magazine debut in August ’18 SCORE. Our Japanese is terrible but Kaho’s English is fantastic, fortunately for us.

SCORELAND: So Kaho-san, had u ever been an hawt dancer, entered any succulent T-shirt or bikini contests or been a nudist in advance of you became a model?

Kaho: No, I wouldn’t ever even watched these in Japan.

SCORELAND: Do u sleep stripped?

Kaho: No, I need a so-called nighttime sleep below garment, which is wireless and comfortable, to keep my boobies from sagging.

SCORELAND: What makes your nipples unyielding?

Kaho: Caressing…and chill! [Laughs]

SCORELAND: Do u like to have your teats pinched or pulled?

Kaho: More adore passionately licked and gently sucked.

SCORELAND: Have your funbags every fallen without your top in public?

Kaho: Only out of my bra. Thank god.

SCORELAND: What is something about u that surprises people the majority when u tell them?

Kaho: That I used to work as a newspaper reporter.

SCORELAND: Do you like anime? Do u dress in manga costumes at those exposes?

Kaho: Piccolo from Dragon Ball is my all time beloved. I’ll be cosplaying my first lesbo crush Chun-Li and one more characters at Hentai Expo in LA.

Kaho plans to attend the Hentai Expo in Los Angeles, July 5-8, 2018.

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