Bahama Beauty

Bahama Stunner

Bahama Beauty

The prettiest and bustiest sailor in the Royal Welsh Navy (at least in daydreams), Lorna Morgan was originally a television and episode casting agent. Then her career changed.

‘My agent, who’s a ally of mine, suggested I have a go. But she was not an agent for glamour modeling so she gave me the phone number of an agency in London and I went to London with a couple of snapshots of me, just topless.

“And, when I got there, they just asked me to do a few shots and they signed me up straight away. And, within about 2 weeks, I had this pictorial with a photographer in London. And that was just so much enjoyment. I actually enjoyed it. But I did not proceed in nature’s garb modeling for very lengthy. I merely modeled for a pair of months, and then I avoided. I avoided for about 2 years then I started back up again.”

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