Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon's Outdoor Sex

Creamy, fair-skinned redhead Avalon has a real nature-girl look about her, so getting banged in a woodsy, secluded spot out side was a consummate fit. There is a real couples erotic feel to the sex rather than hard-driving porn sex, and the way it is filmed adds to that impression. Because of that, it feels like we’re peeping on a couple we have spotted rogering in a park.

Avalon chimed in on this. “Many of my clips are made out in nature. Although they’re technically public, they are filmed in intimate, discreet locations. I would not feel comfortable if there were other people around. So I suppose it could be called intimate public?

“I once had sex high up in a tree. I was honestly afraid that we would one as well as the other fall out and be identified in the morning by some poor, blameless grandmother, undressed and in a compromising position.”

We have heard of tree huggers before but what Avalon and her ally did took it to a higher level.

What kind of foreplay does Avalon savour?

“Is getting showered with cash still an option? I guess having it rain will put most people in the mood. I also savour giving lap dances and stripteases.”

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