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Playtime For Aspen

Playtime For Aspen

During her time as a sexy glamour model, Aspen was always in can-do mode. That is part of the reason her fans loved her so much and were always asking to watch more of her.

Todd wrote: “Aspen is my beloved model of all time and that babe knows what a gent desires. She’s one of the sexiest hotties out there and we need to see more of her. Hope this babe reveals off her body for many years to come!”

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Aspen went back to her life in advance of adult modeling which was working in the insurance business. But this babe left behind some kick-ass scenes and photo sets. She at no time discharged for any other studios.

In 2007 during a voyage to SCORE, Aspen talked to a V-mag editor about sex, posing and archetypical life. “Modeling gives me a chance to be more of who I indeed am. At home I work in a skillful environment for a bigger in size than run of the mill insurance company, so I don’t need to be this side of my personality. Here I’ve the freedom to really savour and explore my sexuality and my openness. I love to be viewed, so it’s very exciting and it is different and it’s safe and comfortable and it is joy. It’s so much enjoyment here. Everyone is so worthy to me and the other adult models I have worked with have been great.”

Aspen solely played with weenie in her time at SCORE. Did this babe ever have an interest in sex with another big boobed female-dominator? “I’ve thought about it and it is something that I’d like to try with the right woman. I guess Cherry Brady is unbelievably fetching and if I was plan to have sex with another Big-Boob woman…she would be at the top of the list.”

Some other thing about Aspen. What you see and hear is what you receive. She’s the same on-camera as she is off, like Christy Marks, Cherry Brady and Angela White. This movie scene with stunt dong Joey Ray is a precious example. Aspen doesn’t adopt one more personality in her videos like the many cuties who go to Los Angeles and get re-invented in the porn-sausage factories there. Aspen is just being herself.

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