Annabelle Rogers: Ripe, Juicy & Succulent

Annabelle Rogers: Ripe, Wet & Damp

Annabelle Rogers: Mellow, Luscious & Succulent

Annabelle Rogers has not ever been with a petticoat chaser who did not love actually big pointer sisters.

“I do not make no doubt of so,” Annabelle told. “Usually if I take off my shirt, each charmer will say, ‘You’re so hot.’ It is a bigger than average, new experience for them.”

Annabelle’s hawt and charming, larger than run of the mill hooters or not.

“Usually the first time I hook up with a dude, they’re adore, ‘Oh my gosh, I acquire to cum on your pointer sisters. I must tit-fuck u.’ Just because they’ve not at all been with a goddess with such large breasts. But they eventually must the cunt, too.”

The best tit-fucking position for Annabelle is:

“Maybe just me on my knees with his penis between my mambos. That’s precious and facile.”

Annabelle mentioned that when she was a virgin, she didn’t give blow jobs.

“No blow jobs. I was very selfish. I didn’t even wish a woman chaser to kiss me. I just wanted him to finger me. They did have to play with my milk sacks, but I was focused on being fingered. And I did motorboating, of course.”

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