Amerie Thomas – A Talented Girl

A Professional Girl

A Skilled Girl

Meet Amerie, a first-time XLGirls. Amerie said she was plan to send in her at-home shots 3 years agone but chickened out until now. We’re cheerful this babe lastly did!

“I get plenty of attention and I am used to it,” Amerie says. “I take a gigantic sense of pride in my marangos. They are glamorous and they should be adored. I don’t need to try likewise rigid to draw attention to ’em. No matter what I wear those pleasant pillows stand out.” Got to like a angel who respects and likes her big boobies!

Bucks hit on Amerie a lot for obvious reasons.

“The funniest pick-up line a guy’s said to me was also the creepiest. A lad asked me if I could aid him find his car. ‘cuz after this buck saw me his mind went blank. I felt as if he was going to kidnap me and throw me in the back of a van and have his way with me.”

Amerie’s hobby is taking pix of all the places this babe has been to. “Washington D.C. is by far my favourite place so far. There’s so much history in one place.”

A peculiar bonus has likewise been posted: Photos of Amerie in Miami and a episode of her in the shower getting breastfully clean.

Please welcome this hawt redhead to the party.

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