Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Girl In School

Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Cutie In School

Amber Stevens: Known As The Bustiest Goddess In School

XL Gals asked Amber Stevens to unveil us how this babe likes to cum. Plenty of friction and enormous rubbing on her big like button receives her soaking succulent. This babe squirts in the episode when she loudly came for the second time. Clitoral stimulation and rough penetration make Amber cum the most wonderful and makes her a pleased cutie.

Amber’s greater than run of the mill wobblers need a fitting for bras. She can not ever detect one off the rack that feels comfortable and offers her the support that babe craves. “Whatever fits,” Amber laughs. “Anytime I can go without a beneath garment, I will.

“I love dinner and playing arcade games when I am asked out on a date. I love driving a go-kart also. The funniest thing a boy ever told to me when this dude was trying to meet me was ‘Do I know u? ‘cuz u look love my next wife.'” Amber did not say if this babe went out with him.

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