Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time

Amber Alena Busts Out Large Time

Amber Alena Busts Out Large Time

Amber Alena likes gigantic breasts. She worships immense bouncy bosoms. That babe likes them probably even more than almost all boys who love larger than standard mangos. Webcam angel made her hardcore initial appearance at SCORELAND and now she’s back with even bigger juggs. Mambos to blow you away.

Brick Danger gets to experience screwing Amber’s remarkably unfathomable breast valley and much more the next time we see this hot slender and stacked bra-buster at SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: Are your teats more sensitive now to finger or toy stimulation since you have gone bigger?

Amber Alena: My teat sensitiveness is still the same: greatly sensitive. They were always that way even previous to the surgeries.

SCORELAND: Do u know how much your milk shakes weigh?

Amber Alena: My bra buddies weigh 12 pounds total. Six pounds each.

SCORELAND: What position do you usually sleep in?

Amber Alena: I sleep on my back or side. Sleeping on my belly will by no means happen again.

SCORELAND: Do u feel changes in your erotic energy or need for sex? In other words, are you hornier?

Amber Alena: Yeah, I am even hornier coz I lastly feel the happiest in my body.

SCORELAND: U told me that you weren’t used to watching yourself on-camera. Has that feeling changed over the past few months?

Amber Alena: That feeling hasn’t changed. I still can’t see myself. Maybe I can watch myself for a not many seconds and then I look away. After a scene is finished, I mentally am done with it and move on to other projects.

SCORELAND: Was the Miami XBiz convention the first time you had attended an adult expo? How did it go for you?

Amber Alena: The first convention I ever went to was the AVN Expo in January of this year [2019]. The Miami XBiz convention was the second. I had a great time at the one and the other events. I met many other performers and industry people and that was really great!

SCORELAND: Your hot scene with Brick Danger is next. Will you be watching it?

Amber Alena: Probably not. I not ever view my scenes.

SCORELAND: What did you think about seeing yourself in the magazine?

Amber Alena: When I saw myself in SCORE mag (Vol. Twenty eight. No. 4), I was pleasantly shocked and super happy! That’s the 1st magazine cover I’ve ever been on and I am so grateful for that!

SCORELAND: Any comments for the guys at SCORELAND?

Amber Alena: Hey, males! Detect out my scene with Brick Danger! I hope u all like my 1st scene with the fresh implants as much as we had enjoyment making the film! Thank you all for supporting my tour into the adult industry.

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