Alanna Ackerman – Dangling At The Bar

Hanging At The Bar

Dangling At The Bar

More To Bonk and Hooter Hotel star Alanna Ackerman is a wild thing. This babe makes the jock sing. Investigate the anal dildo action. That is not so simple to acquire! Here’s part of a Q&A session with Alanna.

Do u receive jointly with girlfriends and describe your hottest carnal encounters and the lads you have had with the huge jocks?

Alanna: I guess you could say this is where I am a little selfish. I do not love to give the girls’ names, but, yes, sometimes we chat about the last sexy piece of wazoo we got. I am just not also quick to give out my favorites, the lads I wish for myself.

What do you adore about anal job that is unlike vaginal?

Alanna: With vaginal sex, a boy has to hit the right spots for it to feel wonderful, but with a bit of butt there’s not much work required from the lad to give me joy. There are so many nerves there that I just go bonkers when I’m getting it slow or subrigid.

Do you spit or gulp?

Alanna: It actually is both. I spit when I crave to play with your cum. That’s a turn on for me. I drink when I’m trying to stay less messy, maybe if we were somewhere that was public or at an event.

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