A facial for the first-timer

A facial for the first-timer

A facial for the first-timer

Jamie Foy, a 41-year-old divorcee from Indiana, makes her worldwide fucking-on-camera launch, and she does it impressively, engulfing and banging and ultimately getting her face glazed with cum (and swallowing a healthy amount of load, too). In advance of telling you more about Jamie, we should point out that this is one of the uncommon times when the smooth operator banging the Fourty something.com glamour model is maturer than the 40SomethingMag.com model (he’s Fourty five).

Jamie is a little copulate toy at 5’2″ tall, but she’s really sexy with a curvy body, D-cup bouncy bosoms and a firm, round a-hole. Plus, this babe likes to look right at us during the time that she’s mouthing strapon and getting fucked, and u know what that means: It means that babe is imagining this babe is with one of us. Or at least imagining what we’re doing during the time that we’re watching her.

Jamie works in home health care. Her hobbies are working out and reading. This babe enjoys basketball, volleyball, tennis and track and says she “loves UFC.” She is likewise into football, basketball and baseball, so if you like to view sports, Jamie‘s your cutie. But she’s not a tomboy by any means.

“I love to dress feminine,” this babe told. “Skirts, dresses, heels…they make me feel sexy. To me, amenable is jeans with high heels and a very hawt top.”

Jamie is the Mama of a teenage daughter, and this babe told us that her child and the people who know her would be shocked to watch her here.

“Very much so,” that babe said. “I live in a very tiny town that’s sexually close-minded. Sex and anything raunchy is taboo.”

But very little is taboo with Jamie, who says that babe has a lengthy list of fetishes and fantasizes about “being with more than one lady-killer at a time and being the solely lady at a poker game or a party and satisfying everybody.”

For now, though, she’ll settle for gratifying us. Call it mission accustomed.

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