Lara’s Breast & Pussy Creaming

Lara’s Breast & Vagina Creaming

Lara's Breast & Slit Creaming

“I always view other girls’ wobblers ‘coz I always wish to know if there’re girls with bigger zeppelins than mine,” Lara Jones told us.

“I just like to inspect how Big-Boob she’s. I am always very interested to watch. I am not interested in ’em for sex. I like bucks. If I knew other beauties with big meatballs, I would tell ’em about SCORELAND.

“When I go out to a restaurant or a exotic dancing club, I don’t suit in raiment that makes my bazookas hang out. I always suit in a tasteful way so that they attract attention but look good. I am an exhibitionist but a quiet exhibitionist.

“I am coyness about talking about sex. I am shy about beginning sex. I am not shy about having sex. I adore teasing and playing and taking things very carefully. We start to play with each other, and then we take it one step at a time. I am more passive when it comes to making the first move but I’m assured when we commence having sex. I love to know as much as I can about a boy before we initiate a carnal relationship. Does that stud have other girlfriends? Is this chab a playboy? Does that lady-killer have any children, a precious job, a priceless reputation? I am careful in my associations.”

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Kerry Licks It Up

Kerry Licks It Up

Kerry Licks It Up

“Girls are usually the worst to deal with,” says KM. “I make friends with boys more than beauties ‘cuz I love most of all guys’ company. But then the lads who are my friends will get a fresh girlfriend, and she’ll receive all humorous. And I am love, ‘God, I don’t crave to be with your lad. I’m just talking to him.’ It can be a pain sometimes. I suppose angels feel threatened by me. They shouldn’t.”

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Lilly James and the big-dicked nerd

Lilly James and the big-dicked nerd

Lilly James and the big-dicked nerd

Oliver, a 25-year-old super-nerd with glasses that have white tape holding them jointly, is working on Lilly James‘ computer. That chap thinks this chab has her problem solved when that lady-killer sees an icon that says FOR HUSBAND. When this buck clicks on it–something he truly was not supposed to do–he sees pix of Mrs. James wearing a taut, hot costume, big scoops popping out.

“Oh my god, it is Mrs. James,” this skirt chaser says out loud. “She’s so hawt!”

That this babe is. And when Lilly walks in on him, she says, “I see u discovered the fotos for my hubby. Do u like ’em?”

“I do,” this ladies man says.

“Do you detect ’em sexy?” she asks.

“I sure do,” the large nerd replies.

Well, obviously, Lilly finds him hawt, too, cuz that babe gags on his pecker and rides it rigid. Turns out Mr. Nerd isn’t a bad fuck at all. This chab lasts a worthy lengthy time and fucks Lilly in a wide multiformity of positions in advance of shooting his cum all over her large meatballs.

Lilly is Fourty six. This babe was born in Michigan and lives in Houston, Texas. She has one kid, who’s without the house. That gives her the freedom to be a swinger and a nudist. And to do this.

Lilly said us that babe was nervous about fucking on-camera for the 1st time. It sure isn’t obvious.

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Young & Cuddly XL Girl

Juvenile & Cuddly XL Angel

Young & Cuddly XL Girl

XL Cuties has discovered many breathtaking gals over many years and accomplished, titillating teen Sylvia Bateman is among those natural wonders. Born in California and living in Texas, Sylvia has blossomed into a major babe-next-door boasting 38G-cups. That babe is as sexy-yet-innocent flying solo as this babe is with pro-studs.

XLGirls: Sylvia, what kind of dates do u adore?

Sylvia: Just relaxed dates. Movies or dinners.

XLGirls: What is the funniest pick-up line a lad ever told to u?

Sylvia: I’ve never had someone say one to me.

XLGirls: What? That’s unreal. What are your erotic dreams?

Sylvia: None really jump out at me at this moment.

XLGirls: Are u assured or passive?

Sylvia: Passive.

XLGirls: What sexually satisfies u the best?

Sylvia: Being said that I am doing admirable, that I am satisfying right.

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Sylvia: About 3-5 times a week.

XLGirls: What’s your beloved position?

Sylvia: I don’t have one.

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you love?

Sylvia: Teasing and teat play.

XLGirls: Do u have any girlfriends as big busted as u?

Sylvia: Totally, maybe even greater! I am allies with other XL Girls like Milly Marks, Oksana Rose, Cosmia, Veronica Bend, and Naia Bee. They’re all very big-breasted and dear friends of mine!

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Story of a creampie

Story of a sex cream pie

Story of a creampie

Layla Rose, a 68-year-old divorcee, Mom and grandmother from Southern California, has a story to tell.

“My grandson knew I was having problems with my lawn,” this babe tells us, “and I needed anybody to mow it and water my plants. So my grandson introduced me to his ally Robbie, who’s a stylish, cute little smooth operator, and he came over one day.”

Robbie asks Ms. Rose what that babe needs done. She answers by telling him and dripping her hands over his body.

“And maybe I’ll bring you in later for a little R&R,” that babe says.

Furthermore, the story: “I looked out the window and there this chab was, working his little heart out. This gent was working so rock hard, and sweat was running off of him. I had to go out and rescue him.

“So I put my hands on his shoulders and said, ‘Robbie, you’re working way likewise unbending. Why don’t you come in the abode and take a little break?”

That babe invites him to lie down on her daybed, and when she displays up with a gulp, he’s fast asleep. Layla rubs his rod throughout his pants

“And it was so unyielding and ready to bonk, I could not help myself.”

So this babe licks his nipps, and that doesn’t wake him up. And then this babe starts engulfing his wang, and that wakes him up! This chab is shocked.

“It’s ok, honey bunny,” this babe tells him. “No one needs to know.”

And that is Layla’s story. SPOILER ALERT: This chab creampies her twat!

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Lillian Faye’s Titz Spritz

Lillian Faye’s Titz Spritz

Lillian Faye's Titz Spritz

Slim and slinky Lillian Faye is praised even more for her big pussy-wings than for her pantoons. Quite a dunky in number SCORE Guys were quick to note that.

“I am a greater than run of the mill mambos lover, but anyway, an enthusiastic lover of worthy love tunnel, especially greater strong pink flaps,” wrote a reader.

“Those cum-hole lips are soooo suckable,” wrote another.

“Those gorgeous mounds and her breathtaking cookie made me come over and over,” a third added.

And so Lillian joined a choose group of breasty grab beauties, such as Lily Valentine, Dawn Phoenix, Winona Lind and Ines Cudna. These pictures from Miss Faye’s shower scene include some great pussy shots.

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Kandie Monaee

Kandie Monaee Kandie Monaee
Kandie Monaee @
You’ve probably heard of Dr. Steve Holmes. He is a world-renowned sex educator, and this guy specializes in working with swinging married couples. Often, Dr. Holmes sees couples who have issues in the bedroom. This day it’s Kandie Monaee and Spouse Kyle. This isn’t their 1st time to watch Dr. Holmes, either. You see, Spouse needs a spicier sex life, one in which multiple partners are involved. Kandie has some nice-looking "BFF’s" he’d like to share with her, and Hubby’s actually kinky, so he’d be okay with sharing Kandie with his buddies, too! Kandie, however, is a little apprehensive. This is where Dr. Holmes comes into play. He’s going to counsel the pair on polyamory and all its nice benefits! And you’re about to witness today’s session! How is Kandie plan to handle it all — from getting over her demureness, to 2 big, white dicks stuffing her enjoyable, moist grasp and nutty mouth? And where’s all that ball cream plan to go!?
Kandie Monaee Kandie Monaee
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Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Will Copulate U Now & Give Up Her Butt

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck U Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Wobblers is celebrated for her specialized treatment of the Hooter Hospital patients. When she is on duty, all hands are on penis. She is known as the anal nurse and you need to see why. Sashaa is indeed a true goddess of compassion.

It’s too a miracle that her nurse’s uniform doesn’t rip to shreds as this babe walks. Fortunately, Nurse Billibongs has the time to glamour model for XL Cuties on the side when she’s not healing the sick, broken males of this hospital.

It is very difficult to detect disciplined nurses as stacked and fully loaded as Nurse Bouncy bosoms. If u disagree with this statement, then unveil us a nurse at your local hospital with meatballs adore Sashaa’s. We’re confident you can’t. (If u do, we’ll suggest her a high-paying position here at XL Angels. In fact, several positions.)

On today, Nurse Milk cans is checking up on Rocky. He’s due to be discharged. I fact, that is what Nurse Bouncy bosoms plans to do…discharge his pecker and extract the sex cream samples. That babe carefully checks his man-bag and has him cough. Nurse Knockers is very exacting in her investigation techniques. Instead of using some high-tech thermometer to take his temperature, she checks it with her face hole on his ramrod since applying her lips to his forehead to take his temperature is old-fashioned and insufficient.

Nurse Fun bags makes the medical decision to provide mouth-to-penis resuscitation and is adept to revive his ding-dong with her trained tongue and mouth suction force. Little Rocky is saved! Large Rocky is now ready for his next procedures.

Those advanced therapies include crushing his pecker betwixt her humongous flesh-pillows. (Nurses are not obligated to fluff up the patients’ jocks with their pillows but Nurse Wobblers makes an exception for Rocky.) Giving his cock drill-practice using her pink, succulent love tunnel and her tight asshole is one more worthy sign of her deep devotion to her patient’s health care. (This is a sight that need to go down in medical history.)

Perhaps the most-startling treatment is at the end of his stay. Please don’t miss it.

Rocky and Little Rocky have been discharged, but Nurse Sashaa Fun bags remains at Hooter Hospital. There will always be more patients to serve. Bless the heart of this fascinating hotty of compassion.

If u ever have to be in a hospital and urge to have a stay adore Rocky did, please reveal those pix to your nurse upon check-in.

Note: This information and the techniques described and shown here are not intended as actual medical advice for individual problems. Consult your health care provider first.

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Screwing his superlatively good friend’s Mom

Rogering his foremost friend’s Mother

Fucking his majority mind boggling friend's mom

Dakota Madisin, a 42-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother from Ohio, wakes up her son’s paramount friend by stroking his penis through the sheets. This ladies man stayed over final night, her son and boyfriend are gone, so that babe figures, “Why not have some enjoyment?” Moreover, she’s had her eyes on him for a during the time that.

Well, this dude wakes up and tries to resist–she’s his topmost friend’s Mother, for goodness sake–but he indeed doesn’t wanna resist, and in advance of lengthy, his 10-Pounder is deep down Dakota’s face hole and in her fur pie.

“I was a hairstylist for 16 years, so I’m a people person,” Dakota said. “I loved doing hair. It makes me feel wonderful to assist others feel better about themselves.”

That babe and her spouse have dabbled in the swinging lifestyle. She’s into a little light biting and some hair-pulling.

“But that is the extent of it for me,” this babe told. “Nothing else.”

Other than having sex on-camera, that’s. Dakota is doing it here for the second time after doing it for us for the first time.

We asked her what satisfies her sexually, and that babe told, “Knowing I’ve made someone climax.”

Well, in this scene, this babe makes her dude cum. And we’re going to bet that in advance of lengthy, she’s going to have you cumming, also.

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Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

Big boobed Canadians are not facile to discover. Trust us, we’ve been doing this for years. The very first Canadian in SCORE was Tiffany Towers, and since then, the arrival of more Canadians has been a drips. In fresh times, Korina Kova and Ariane Saint-Amour have brought their considerable talents to SCORELAND, and now, here cums Nikki Skye.

“I get lots and lots of attention because of my deep cleavage,” told Nikki, a livecam cutie. “I like how the boyz stare, and some sweethearts too. I wear bras when I go out but when I am home, below garment off, for sure. It feels so much better.”

Nikki’s hobbies are going to the Health Lap dancing club and baking. That babe knew about SCORE coz her boyfriend told her a few years ago. Better late to The Big Display than by no means.

“My peculiar talent is booty flexing to the beat of a song and my favorite fetishes are spankings, gagging and hawt wax.”

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Take A Bow, Veronica

Take A Bow, Veronica

Take A Bow, Veronica

Veronica Bend is from Kentucky, a state that yields very hardly any adult models for The SCORE Group. We do not know why that’s but we’re pleased to have Veronica aboard.

“I love to read,” said Veronica, who used to work in a library. “Books are my escape, and gaming is a greater than run of the mill one, also. Role playing games are my main favorites.”

Now Veronica works stripped at home showing off her ultra-pliable, 38H-cup sucklers, playing with her vagina and having sex. And this babe doesn’t receive to shush any noisy library patrons anymore. Veronica came to SCORE, did what she regularly does at home, met some experienced men, and got a free voyage and a fine inspect of it. What’s not to love?

Buying bras is an issue for Veronica. “I must buy online. No stores near me carry my size. I always wear a brassiere except when I am sleeping.”

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