Deliciosa & Caliente Shara

Deliciosa & Caliente Shara

Deliciosa & Caliente Shara

All nice things come to those who await. At one time, SCORE was professional to photograph South American angels with large bazookas such as Romina Lopez, Cynthia Romero and Luma. Then our photographers left South The United States of America.

Merely recently have we been competent to return, this time to Colombia for the 1st time. Shara Lopez and Katy Shavon are two of the 1st of the fresh arrivals followed by Shanie Gaviria, a goddess who was in touch with SCORE for several years previous to we lastly hooked up. We’re more than pleased to welcome all 3 super-hotties. You couldn’t detect three sexier knockouts if you scoured every beach in Colombia.

Shara has the body of a female-dominant and the torrid sexiness that appears to be to be strapping into the DNA of so many Latinas. Her rich, ripe boobies are natural, heavy and beautifully shaped. They compliment her small but curvacious body and curvacious legs and a-hole. A charming, inviting face and a agreeable, sexual personality complete the total package.

Shara doesn’t speak English but she doesn’t receive to. This babe says it all with her face and body. We translate her words into English when she speaks in her vids. Listening to her speak in her native tongue makes anything even hotter.

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DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

Now it is time to must know DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old, self-described “hot floozy wife” who’s banging on-camera for the first time. This is one of the most-unusual interviews we’ve ever done ‘coz DayLynn is an atypical mastix.

For sample, she’s married, but this babe is “owned by my Dark Bull Slavemaster.”

This babe lives on the west coast of Florida (that babe was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky), and this babe is a very wild swinger, so wild that some of the other swinging wives started to resent her cuz she was being too much of a wench with their swinging husbands.

DayLynn has golden-haired hair and bigger than standard meatballs and a wet crack made for rogering. At the end of this interview, that babe demonstrates her cock-sucking skills on a big, darksome shlong.

“I’m all about joy in this life,” DayLynn told, “and new things bring me fun.”

This is a fresh thing for her. It brought her fun. It will bring u pleasure, too.

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The Slippery Nipples Of Smiley Emma

The Slippery Nipps Of Smiley Emma

The Slippery Areolas Of Smiley Emma

There’s a rubdown table all willing for Smiley Emma, a succulent girl-next-door enriched by smooth curves and unfathomable deep cleavage. Emma has the greasy oil ready to coat her lush and plush body. She acquires slippery and slick, her smooth, glossy skin glowing beneath the lights.

XLGirls: Do u know how much your marangos weigh?

Emma: No, I dont but would like to find out one day.

XLGirls: Have you ever thought about topless or in nature’s garb dancing in a disrobe club?

Emma: No, I haven’t but I have wanted to take pole stripping lessons and acquire one for the bedroom. I wouldn’t feel safe doing it in person.

XLGirls: Do you drive? Do shoulder-belts annoy u?

Emma: I do not have my driver’s license but I abhor shoulder belts even as a passenger.

XLGirls: What do u think is the number one move your cam followers ask to watch you do?

Emma: I’d probably say boob flashes, boob play and blowjob teasing are the most-common requests.

XLGirls: Do you adore breast massages?

Emma: I adore breast massages and my fiance is more than pleased to oblige.

XLGirls: Always a enjoyment, Smiley Emma.

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Bust Of England

Bust Of England

Bust Of Britain

Welsh model Lorna Morgan once told us an interesting story about Kerry. When Busty Euro Hotty’s and On Location Portugal were filmed in Algarve by SCORE, they shared the same room during that 2 week shoot and their routines meshed very closely. The 2 of them would wake up at the exact pont of time, fall asleep at the exact moment, and even get hungry at the same time. This is indicative of some kind of big-busted telepathy.

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Even idiots receive the wazoo

Even idiots get the arse

Even idiots acquire the ass

This scene proves that you don’t receive to be smart to receive cookie. Here, Christina Sapphire, Fourty one, is a legal office worker who’s working from home. Her neighbour, Tony, drops by and asks for assist with some papers that he’s just been served. He has no idea what they mean. The idiot doesn’t even know if he is divorced. Turns out he’s in arrears on his child support payments, but when he hears the word “arrears,” his brain goes all Beavis and Butt-head.

“Why are you always talking about my wazoo?” Tony says.

Christina smiles and says, “I think I wish you in my wazoo this day.”

And previous to this Lothario knows it, Tony is spreading Christina’s cum-hole and getting his schlong sucked and fucking her tight vagina and good, big gazoo. As we told, u don’t receive to be smart to get cum-hole.

Christina is a wife and Mom from Illinois. As we identified in her previous scenes, she’s a perverted woman who one time got banged 15 times at a BBC party (we wonder if they checked cock-size at the door). This babe likes penis. She likes love tunnel, likewise.

“My 1st experience with a dominant-bitch was when I was Nineteen or 20, and during the time that I did not have many lady partners in my Twentys and 30s, I thoroughly enjoyed ’em when I did,” that babe said. “Nowadays I’m just as likely to want a female boyfriend as a male husband…or one as well as the other if I can get it! I adore having numerous partners and energetic, multi-position sex. That is the finest part about being a swinger. The diversity.”

Christina also said, “I like showing off my raunchy stuff,” which is what she is doing here.

Her perfect day: “I receive dressed up and go out to have intensive sex with one or a few boyfriends. Then I’ll come home to play with my spouse, view a clip or an video of Abode of Cards with him while eating ice sex cream. If there is steak somewhere in there, even more wondrous.”

Maybe not steak but lots of meat.

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Stranded Angel

Stranded Goddess

Stranded Angel

Angel Wicky is stranded in a bad part of city. Now what kind of bastard would abandon this lovely stunner, who can’t live without to snicker and enjoy and only says valuable things about everybody?

Fortunately, a white knight drives by and stops. He knows a damsel in distress when this stud sees her, and who would not brake for this curvacious and big busted angel? Angel has been rescued. That babe invites her knight to coffee. They skip a cafe and head back to his place. (This way they get to the bed faster. Gotta watch Girl bare with out awaiting too long.)

Always an assertive angel with smooth moves, giggly, happy Gal sees Mr. Glad trying to escape white knight’s trousers the way Angel’s bigger than typical titties always try to escape her blouses and bras. This babe reaches out, opens his fly and shakes his pop-up. Mad to award her new buddy and gain a F.W.B. (friend with benefits), Ms. Wicky smokes his pipe to start the fire going, then strips to display him what heroes receive when they save an angel. They receive an astounding afternoon of wild and steamy sex.

“I love being on top cuz I am a very masterful person,” Cutie told SCORE. That’s the 1st position this babe gets into on the daybed, balancing on her high heels. “And I like missionary with the ass up. That’s 2 best poses where I can easily play with my clit, receive maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my twat. When I am with a gent, or men, I do what I desire and how I desire.

“Everyone can’t live with out to shag my love muffins and I adore it when studs do that. I’m cheerful I have my large bouncy bosoms, and they look so worthwhile on pictures and vids when a man is screwing them. In this video, Dennis is screwing my bumpers when that fellow cums just from fondelling my mambos and it was very thrilling to me.”

The moral of this story is always rescue a stranded angel, especially if her final name is Wicky.

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I’ll Let U Play

I’ll Let You Play

I'll Let U Play

You are a serious boob stud, right? Then u should be a able at checking out a chick’s chest. So you’ll be real quick at reading what Kelly’s teensy tee declares. “I’ll let u play,” it says. But it’s Kelly who plays with her magnificent love melons as this babe frees her puppies from their cotton bra constraints.

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The guy she’s fucking is not her black bull master

The gent she is fucking is not her dark-skinned bull master

The lad she is fucking is not her black bull master

Meet DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old from Indiana who now lives on the west coast of Florida. DayLynn isn’t adore most honeys.

For example, she’s married, but this babe was accompanied to her first-ever hardcore photo and video sessions by her Dark-skinned Bull Taskmaster. That ladies man sat there and observed DayLynn engulf and bonk this dude’s rod, and we’re here to tell u that that babe wouldn’t have done it without his approval.

The hubby’s approval? That babe doesn’t much care about that. But her dark-skinned bull corporalist is the ruler of her sexual universe. For example, that babe doesn’t ride his weenie. This chab fucks her in the missionary and doggy position. This chab doesn’t eat her cunt. But that babe sucks his 10-Pounder.

“I’m naturally confident, but I’ve learned to take what is given by my slaver merely,” DayLynn said.

We asked her how often she has sex, and she said, “Three times a week with my slaver and once every three months or so with my boyfriend.” And what sexually satisfies her preeminent? “Taking my master’s cum until it trickle down my legs. I love it!”

DayLynn has D-cup knockers. That babe measures an amazing 36-26-38. That babe describes her marital status as “married for Thirty years, shared wife for five years and owned by my darksome bull master.”

“I like dressing to please my master,” this babe said. “Having him put on my cuffs and tie me to the St. Andrews Cross or stock, spanking me all over my body and then him using me and doing whatsoever he chooses to me for his joy.”

Dark Bull Taskmaster…nice work if u can receive it.

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Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight

There’s a misconception that babes do not go to disrobe clubs that have female dancers. They sure do and Anna Kay goes when the spirit moves her. That babe went to one disrobe joint during the time that visiting us.

“I feel relaxed at lap dancing clubs,” Anna explained. “I can sit down and have a gulp and be entertained and I actually fit in. I’m not some cutie who stands out cuz of my bigger than standard milk cans ‘cuz everyone in there has big funbags. Love…I do not need to worry about everyone looking at me or hitting on me. Or even about someone’s girlfriend getting jealous ‘cuz he’s flirting with me. At clubs, I can just unwind and watch the brandish.”

Asked if the dancers urge to molest her, Anna told, “Yes, they like my funbags. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my bosoms and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my juggs are just so bigger than average and nice-looking that they cant aid themselves. I think it is a matter of joke.”

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The Hypnotic Tits of Vanessa Y.

The Hypnotic Boobies of Vanessa Y.

The Hypnotic Boobies of Vanessa Y.

Stare if u dare at the hypnotic scones of Vanessa Y., Princess of all Polish pumpkins. Vanessa is a swinger when it comes to her greater than run of the mill bosoms. It’s 12 stopless, topless minutes of the Polish polka courtesy of Voluptuous magazine’s two-time winner of the Glamour model of the year contest. These milk cans in motion could generate sufficient kinetic energy to vigour a brick house. Jiggle all the way with Vanessa Y. and acquire a nipple in your eye.

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Michele strokes it!

Michele strokes it!

Michele strokes it!

In this episode, 46-year-old divorcee Michele Marks tries to train Robby how to play the guitar…tries ‘coz this chab doesn’t appear to be to have learned everything and doesn’t appear to be to be interested in learning. Michele, who has a bit of a 1970s hippy look to her, takes him to her bedroom for his lesson. His playing is awful.

“Why do you actually come here?” this babe asks him after he’s played some very sour notes.

“You’re a truly good person,” that guy says.

“I do not think you are even trying to learn the guitar,” this babe says, then that babe starts stroking his penis. He’s much more impressive at stroking his cock inside her constricted cougar cookie than that gent is at stroking the guitar, and in the end, Michele widens her throat for his jizz.

Michele told us that her perfect day “starts with a moist fantasy and a smile and continues after I wake up, laughing and making other people chortle.” In this scene, this babe doesn’t make us laugh. That babe makes us hard.

By the way, Michele indeed does play guitar. This babe is too owned a pool company, been a bartender and a horse trainer and worked in construction. But this babe loves this almost any fantastic.

“I used to ride my horse with kegel balls inside my cunt,” this babe said. She likewise said, “I like role playing. Dom- and sub-fuck my mind and I’ll cum.”

Yes, she’s a old lady who can’t live with out sex in just about each way. What ways would u like to do Michele?

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