Nylon Seduction

Nylon Seduction

Nylon Seduction

More and more glamour models are getting tats and piercings. Do you have any interest?
Kerry: I suppose it comes down to personal taste. I’m not overly keen on tats.
What nail color do u love the topmost?
Kerry: Pink.
What are your current much loved foods?
Kerry: I like everything Mexican.
Do you dress like this around the flat?
Kerry: Yeah, on particular occasions!

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Daphne’s Anal Stuffing

Daphne’s Anal Stuffing

Daphne's Anal Stuffing

“I’m very proud of my wazoo,” told Daphne Rosen, a angel who became an anal pro in porn. “I love to try recent things. I’ll try everything once. If I love it, I’ll keep on doing it, and if I don’t, I’ll just at not time do it again. So I wanted to try anal, and it was good. Some chaps engulf at anal. They cant decide how to do it, and it is not pleasurable. When a skirt chaser can handle himself, it is all good. The aperture there’s muscle, so when it is relaxed, it’s way easier to receive over here. So if u can loosen up the dominatrix, give her a little wine, give her a little carnal enjoyment, acquire her relaxed and excited, you’re going to go right in.”

Daphne likewise expects boys to wanna screw her large marangos. That babe really knows how to use her love melons to make a boy blast one out.

“I like the sensation of the dong moving up and down between my knockers. And I like having my nipples touched and played with, so you are always touching them when the cock’s in betwixt. That’s in real life. When you’re doing it on digital camera, u have to keep your hands away from the nipples because the digi camera urges to see the teats, which is actually depressing.”

This scene is extra-hot ‘cuz it’s discharged in your personal point of view with out a man-face in the way and only Daphne speaks. It’s a personal shag session in a virtual clip. Are these the foremost kind? U tell us.

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Hard sell, easy lay. Rose’s first XXX

Rock hard sell, easy lay. Rose’s first XXX

Hard sell, simple lay. Rose's first XXX

“I’m a swinger and have been in the lifestyle since 2010,” said Texas Rose, who previous to that was stuck in a boring marriage. “On the final swingers’ cruise I went on, I was down in the single men’s room and had seven lads that night, taking on three at a time.”

For her 50PlusMILFs.com movie scene launch, she is taking on one boy, but he’s 23 years aged. That babe is 57. Here, she is a realtor who’s trying to rent an expensive apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay and American Airlines Arena in Miami. He’s not sure this man can afford it. This babe shows him the benefits that come with closing the deal: her big boobs, deep throat and lascivious cunt. Does Rose seal the deal? We don’t know, but she does get laid.

Not each day of Rose’s life back home in San Antonio, Texas is as thrilling as this one was. She works in IT. We think she’s better working on schlong. So does her current boyfriend. Her ex-husband? That man was a rock hard, and we do not mean hard 10-Pounder. This chab didn’t give Rose what that babe wanted in the bedroom, so she gave him the heave-ho. Now she is living the wild life.

“I’ve been handcuffed to a rubdown table, and I have also had seven gentlemen at the same time,” that babe said. She told it was a gentlemanly a gang bang, which appears to be appropriate. Rose is a lady.

“Before I met my hubby, u would have probably classified me as a Victorian kind of girl. Long dresses. Fully covered. I had a job. I was raising a family, and I wasn’t into this.”

That babe didn’t masturbate.

“I had by no means used a sex-toy or any kind of toy previous to I was divorced. It wasn’t smth that an upstanding woman does.”

Now this babe does it standing up, lying down…every which way. Welcome to the undress club, Rose.

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She’s the everyday woman-next-door. This is not everyday.

She’s the typical woman-next-door. This is not everyday.

She's the archetypical woman-next-door. This is not commonplace.

“I’m your everyday woman-next-door,” told Kandi Jones, a 41-year-old wife and first-timer who’s not so archetypal in this scene. For one, she’s screwing on-camera for the first time. Almost all hotty’s dont bonk on-camera. For another, that babe goes very unfathomable on Bambino’s large cock. Gets it all the way down her mouth and looks into the digi camera whilst she’s doing so. She sucks his nuts, also. Then that babe copulates him. Then she opens her mouth for his cum. And that babe does all of this while her partner of Twenty years is sat a hardly any feet away off-camera.

Hmmmm…typical woman-next-door? We do not think so.

But we’ll let Kandi, who lives in South Florida, tell her story.

“My boyfriend always thought I was more captivating than I thought I was. He always encouraged me to brandish off a little. He would take pictures of me and we would do the at-home sex videos thing. Once we went to Vegas, and this chab took me to the Green Door, and we met a couple, and the second evening, I felt comfortable enough to indeed have sex. Not jointly, but we had sex in the same room, and then the next night, we met up with them anew, and she and I got together. So that was our first take on an adventurous erotic exploration. It was very thrilling and very hawt.

“We visited a couple of other sex strip clubs, and I discovered that I actually love being undressed and I actually love when people view me. We moved to Key West about six years ago and started spending tons of time at the Garden of Eden. I got hit on a lot, so my husband started encouraging me to see if anyone wanted to come home with us. And we did. Brought home a hardly any sailors. Lots of young lads.

“My boyfriend encouraged me to apply to The SCORE Group. I kind of laughed him off. I really thought there was no way u would desire me, so I just let him put in the application, and then, lo and behold, I got a phone call from The SCORE Group. I have not at all been more concupiscent. I indeed, actually hope that you enjoy watching my movies. It is my 1st time having sex on-camera. I am a little nervous. A lot nervous! He is a total stranger, so if you are ready, I’m ready. Here we go!”

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Cat In Heat

Cat In Heat

Cat In Heat

“I have had a trio and I loved it! I can’t wait to do it again. I make almost certainly of in the saying, the more the merrier,” told Cat Bangles, Lalin girl super-hottie.

“It was with a cutie and a man. It was with a couple of allies of mine. We were all sitting around having some drinks and talking on a Friday evening. The angel was my most awesome friend and the chap was interested in me, but I was interested in my girlfriend. This chab wanted to do smth with me, and I basically told this chab could jump in and we could all have some pleasure. Next thing u know, we’re throwing back some shots and we’re in the bedroom and both of us are giving him a irrumation and then we’re rogering. I would definitely do it all over afresh.”

It took some time but now Cat’s had her first on-camera trio with two chaps. But not just any porn fellows. JMac has boned Cat 3 times.

“His meat-thermometer was colossal,” said Cat about her 1st time with JMac. “But I took it all down my mouth. He loved it, of course. He said it was outstanding and that my vagina was worthy and tight. Wonderful and taut like a little star. It was a great scene. He had to prevent to keep himself from coming. This stud tapped out 3 times, actually. This gent could not handle me with my constricted cookie, soaked face hole and those bouncy bosoms.”

Tony’s done the messy 3 times with Cat. His first time doing Cat included filling her a-hole. Tony was too the smooth operator who convinced Cat throughout the web to contact The SCORE Group in the 1st place.

“One of Tony’s comments was that any hot beauties should click here contact with him if they were interested in adult modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. This chab said that man would receive over here contact with u all for me anew, and now, here I’m shaking my milk shakes for all of you. All thanks to Tony.”

So here we have Cat with two of her fellows. Engulfing. Screwing. Anal. Sexy ain’t the word.

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The Joggin’ Jugs of A Horny Hottie

The Joggin’ Jugs of A Amorous Hottie

The Joggin' Jugs of A Amorous Hottie

When Sheridan Adore goes jogging past road worker Brick, her greater than standard mammaries bouncing with every step, he has no idea that he’ll be shellacking those fun bags in her bedroom that morning. It is all ‘coz of a valuable deed that Brick did.

As the jiggling stunner passed Brick, her wallet fell to the sidewalk. Brick picked it up and endevoured to receive her attention but this babe is listening to music and can not hear him. He gives search and sees Sheridan go into a house, forgetting to close her front door. Sheridan heads upstairs to shower after her morning run as Brick arrives at her abode. That man sees she’s left her door open and comes to a culmination to take a chance and go inside to return her wallet.

Wandering around the place, he tries to detect the enjoyable stranger. When this gent appears at her bath door, Sheridan’s without her jogging outfit and in a towel, willing to kewl her hawt body down. Brick stammers out his reason for being in her house and tries to make his exit. Sheridan makes a decision right then to award him…with her sexy body! She takes him by the hand into her bedroom and shags his brains out. This is a charming nice tip for returning her wallet, proving that it pays for a man to do worthwhile deeds for hawt women with out any thought of a payback.

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More Than A Mouthful

More Than A Mouthful

More Than A Mouthful

You know that mature joke, why does a dog lick his testicles? ‘coz he can?!? We imagine that is the way Kelly Kay feels about her amazing meatballs. This babe licks and sucks ’em ‘coz they’re so larger than average that she can. We know that you’d much rather be the one suckling her generous nipples. But watching KK do it’s one helluva priceless consolation prize isn’t it?

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Texas Rose’s wild, swinging life

Texas Rose’s wild, swinging life

Texas Rose's wild, swinging life

Texas Rose, a 57-year-old Mama, grandmother and divorcee from San Antonio, Texas, proves that life begins at Fifty. This babe had been stuck in a boring marriage. The sex was same-old, same-old. That babe endevoured to break her ex-partner without his shell, but this chab remained clammed up.

Bad move by that lad. She divorced him. But, then once more, how was this chab supposed to know that his shapely, monumental titted wife would one day be into gangbangs? That she’d be a swinger? That she’d love rogering juvenile hawt fellows. That she’d end up in our studio…having sex on-camera for the first time?

“Everyone I know would be very surprised to see me here,” Rose said. “I work in the corporate world.”

Well, not everybody she knows would be surprised. Her husband, who helped introduce her to the swinging world, would not be surprised. Nor would the seven bucks who bent her over a massage table, shackled and blindfolded her and drilled her every which way. Rose loved it, by the way.

Here, we’ve to know Rose. She is, in almost every way, the woman-next-door.

Notice how we told “almost”

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Playtime For A Busty Beauty

Playtime For A Breasty Stunner

Playtime For A Breasty Beauty

When Aspen got it cooking on-set as this babe does here with Joey, she didn’t change and turn into somebody else. Love Cherry Brady, that babe was always herself whether in front of a camera or just having lunch with the crew.

“It gives me a chance to be more of who I truly am,” Aspen told. “At home I work in a experienced environment for a large company, so I do not must be this side of my personality. Here I have the freedom to actually savour and explore my sexuality and my openness. I adore to be observed, so it is very thrilling and it is different and it’s safe and comfortable and it is pleasure. It’s so much enjoyment here

“I dress conservatively, naturally. That’s not always simple with a rack the size of mine. In fact, my boss compliments me on the days when I hide ‘the girls’ a little more than ordinary. It is rock hard to identify competent glamourous raiment that fit me ‘coz of the size of my chest. I can cover up the deep cleavage. I can’t easily hide the size and shape of my love bubbles, but I can at least control how much of ’em is actually showing.”

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Huge-titted Latin babe Mommy and pornstar

Huge-titted Lalin girl Mother and porn star

Big-titted Latina Mom and porn star

“I love to go on romantic dates with gentlemen,” 46-year-old divorcee Nicky Ferrari told. “I likewise adore gangbangs and coarse sex.”

Can a group-sex be romantic? Hey, maybe it can with Nicky.

Nicky is the Mother of 2 sons. This babe is also a porn star. That babe was born in Mexico and lives in Southern California. Discover out the clip that goes with those pics and you can hear her talking smutty in Spanish. That babe is dressed truly hot here with her short skirt and underware. That babe has larger than standard melons and a bigger in size than standard a-hole. That babe has a meaty wet crack that this babe opens on a pool table.

“People do not know that I do porn,” Nicky told. “They wouldn’t approve, but I do it moreover. Being in front of the digi camera makes me feel hot.”

This babe is sexy. Nicky can’t live with out lingerie, so it is not odd to watch her walking around in an outfit love this one when she is home alone. This is what that babe can’t live out of to wear to get your jock admirable and hard for her to engulf and screw.

Nicky loves all kinds of males, and that includes you. If you’re fortunate sufficient to spend the night with her, she’ll talk messy in Spanish, saying things love “I like your cock” and “Fuck my vagina.” Those phrases sound worthwhile in English and even hotter in Spanish, especially coming from Nicky.

So, have joy these photos. But don’t forget the movie scene!

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Oiled & Busty

Oiled & Big busted

Oiled & Busty

When ya got it, brandish it. And if you are intend to show it, flaunt it for SCORE. We’re glad Anna Loren did.

“I used to work at a porn store, and that’s where I saw SCORE mag,” said captivating Anna. “Do you know how many dudes strided into that place and said me, ‘Wow! These are bigger than typical!’ That was the line I got majority often. I guess I was a large attraction in that store!”

Gals who work in porn shops are an interesting group. They learn things about people that employees of normal stores would not at any time view. For example, when buying toys, honeys love the majority strong ones they can acquire their hands on and honeys of all long-time and appearances buy sex tools. Babes tend to patronize a store in the afternoon and in groups during the time that boyz go after work or at night. Anna would wear a hoodie to keep her babies under cover.

“Sometimes, working in the porn store got me charming excited and I’d have the wish to brandish off.” Imagine Anna wearing this little number behind the counter. Customers would have bought out the complete inventory.

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