Amy Anderssen – A Global Obsession

A Global Obsession

A Global Obsession

Amy Anderssen (November ’14 SCORE covergirl) is indeed a global obsession.
She is a fire starter in ottoman scorching the sheet with her raunchy heat. Her hard-cock ally will be pulling out his hose to put out the fire. He’ll succeed but the flames will ignite once more pretty soon after. Amy is a very slutty angel and she needs act.

“I wouldn’t date a lad unless I’m going to screw him after,” Amy says with a chuckle and gleaming eyes. “What’s the point? Usually I am forcing ’em into the bedroom. Usually I’m the one that urges it.”

Amy attracts attention, so much so that you’d think some TV network would suggest her a reality show love her idol, Kim Kardashian.

“I adore Kim. That babe is one of the reasons I went from golden-haired to brunette. She’s the poster beauty for that kind of look. That babe is one of my role models. I suppose in my hair and the eyes and the eyebrows, I can look like her. In some images, I can watch a resemblance. I hope I look adore her! Usually people view me in a certain way. They know something’s up with me. People try to talk to me a lot. People buy me wine on the plane, but it is annoying because I wanna watch my movie scenes, so I try not to make eye-contact.”

Well, you cant blame boys for trying. They want to live their dreams too.

And if there was an Amy Anderssen reality brandish on TV, what would it be about?

“I’ve thought of that. U would just watch me globetrotting all over the country, just being Amy. I run all my ram from my web resource to my discharges. I don’t have an agent. I have done everything on my own. I came to America on my own. U would just see me handling my business, handling my life, the bullshit, the worthwhile, the bad, the unattractive, the gracious, the celebrations. And there’s a lot happening every single day in my life. I like to keep busy. I can’t just sit there and do no thing. I’ve not at any time been this person.”

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Lavina Dream – Dream Girl

Dream Angel

Dream Girl

Lavina Dream knows this babe has a particular body. Lush. Plush. Palatable. The digi camera loves her. We think Lavina knows the unbelievable pleasure this babe brings to T&A paramours just from the way that babe dresses. In this pictorial and matching clip, Lavina tries on some of her favorite bras, then faps herself into cum-town. That babe brought those bras all the way from Bucharest to wrap around her large tits. That babe has nice smack in underclothing and sexy sexy raiment adore this skin-tight green costume that babe begins her discharge in.

“I dress hawt all the time so people can watch how big my funbags are,” says Lavina in her soft-spoken Romanian-flavored English. “I adore to wear very taut dresses and blouses so fellows can see how my bust sticks out. This is my undergarment reveal and I brought some of my sexiest bras. I do not always wear a beneath garment. It depends on what I wear. If I’m going out for the night or to someplace specific, I will wear my superlatively good bras. At home, I not ever wear a under garment and I adore to wear smth loose.”

“After I prevent my modeling, I wish to become a masseuse. I have been intend to school to get a certificate. I will always remember my naked modeling with SCORE and the wonderful time I had in the Dominican Republic [XL Girls On Location] with fetching beauties. I dream of traveling to exciting places and this was a fantasy that came true.”

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Denise Day – It’s creampie day for Denise

It’s ball cream pie day for Denise

It's man juice pie day for Denise

Denise Day, a 52-year-old wife and Mama from South Carolina, is back for her second go-round at, and this time, she’s taking on Juan Largo’s big, thick cock. That babe handles it very well for a female who’s only 5’3″ and has a weight of 110 pounds. Yeah, u think she’d be also tiny to handle Juan’s tool, but this babe takes it deep in her pussy and finishes things off with a man cream pie.

Denise dresses hawt and likes when chaps check her out, and that babe was thrilled that so many studs checked out her first photos and clip at

“What a hot female with a tight body, great nipples, and legs that rock the world,” wrote Loadmaster.

“Denise just has that look about her. She just appears like she urges to engulf and fuck your schlong dry!” added Bigstick.

“This girl is a sexy slut. Great body and this babe can definitely engulf some jock. Crave I could play with Denise,” said BigBill.

“I always wanted to express myself in this format,” Denise said. “I just like being hawt, and I’m very wanton about being a MILF model. It is very sexy.”

Denise is hot. One time another time. Relish.

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Lorna Morgan – Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan Part 1

Lorna Morgan’s romp on Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas starts with Lorna and her soon-to-be room mate getting acquainted on the way over to the SCORE beach abode, showing their bigger than run of the mill scones during the drive.

One time in their room, the two try out their beds by jumping on ’em, something all big boobed cuties do when testing mattresses. (Exactly what Lorna and her room mate Kerry Marie did in On Location Key Largo.)

Sat on the dock of the bay with fishing schlong in hand and wearing a see-through white blouse, Lorna talks and unveils boobs. The beach house was across an islet from Spanish Wells, one of the almost any populated areas of sparsely-populated Eleuthera and the arrival of Lorna and her bosom buddies became the talk of the locals. Despite their ripe lives, the islanders do not approve of public nudity so the cuties and the photographers had to be careful during shoots. The challenges of shooting exposed hotties in public are many; likewise many to list.

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Danni Ashe – East Meets Chest

East Meets Chest

East Meets Chest

During the Bigger in size than average ’90s era of the classic SCORE Cuties such as LA Bust, Traci Topps, Angelique and many more, girl-girls were very popular. It was likewise a way to receive some explicit sex (at least in the clip version of a scene) with the angels who would not copulate lads on-camera, such as Colt Fourty five and Tawny Peaks.

East Meets Chest was Minka’s first girl-on-girl in November 1994 SCORE immediately following her first appearance in the October ’94 issue. Minka was paired with the queen of the mainstream internet as that babe would be known several years later, Danielle “Danni” Ashe. To charter SCORE Men, the realization that Minka and Danni had at it twenty years agone may be a jolt.

Danni only did girl-girls, as many larger than typical bust fans know, and did plenty of them at the SCORE studio in London, Great Britain. Her ottoman (or sofa) partners in the ’90s included SaRenna, Chloe Vevrier, Becky Sunshine, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lisa Lipps, Traci Topps, the late Valerie Fields and more.

Majority of these curvy girls out-gunned naturally big breasted 32FF Danni in the chest department but not in the worship of nipples, love tunnels and other goddess bits. So that babe was a sexy sex-buddy for greenhorn Minka.

At this time, Minka wasn’t the mega-boobed tit-an this babe would gradually become, so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and black brown Oriental sweetheart getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native.

In the 1st part, Danni is the assertive one, touching with tongue Minka’s furry cookie and stiffening her hyper-sensitive teats (which a phat breeze can acquire vertical). Minka repays the favor by eating out Danni’s blonde love tunnel. They acquire into a 69. Danni fingers and tongues Minka’s gap, sucks on her nipps some more and then copulates Minka with a greater than run of the mill cock-shaped toy.

Danni retired in 2006 after selling her web page and related companies following an astonishing run as an early pioneer of the adult web. Minka is still active to today during the time that almost any of her peers have also left the world of lap dancing, modeling and porn.

A classic cunt love-in scene of two magnificent angels.

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Shemain Ravene – Blow Your Wad on Shemain

Blow Your Wad on Shemain

Blow Your Wad on Shemain

“When my bawdy cleft is getting drilled, it is a cookie,” declared sexy, brunette hair, 47-year-old Shemain from Florida’s Gulf Coast. Hey, does this babe kiss her daughter with that mouth? Yeah, probably. This babe also sucked Rocky’s meat-thermometer with that throat in her first-ever hardcore scene at And this babe got her cunt banged, too. Here, she seems to take specific fun in spreading her butthole. That hasn’t been screwed on-camera. Not yet.

“The people I know would be very surprised to know I was doing this kind of modeling,” this babe said. “I came from a very strict upbringing. As a younger woman, I would have at not time imagined I would do this, but that changed as I got maturer.

“I’d always had sexual craves, but I subdued ’em because I was raised to be a precious goddess. Then around the time I turned 40, I started to feel love it was naive to deny this part of me. I was getting bored of the same old thing, and I wanted to experience what it was adore to be naughty. I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? I am a grown female! So I started web cam adult modeling, and it was such a rush. Seeing these boyz cum for me aroused me so much and gave me a bigger than typical boost of confidence. Naturally, coming into your studio was the next step.”

By the way, when her asshole is getting fucked, is it a fuck pipe?

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Aimee Jackson – Ass-tonishing Aimee

Ass-tonishing Aimee

Ass-tonishing Aimee

Aimee Jackson says it feels admirable to stick a toy, ass-plug or finger inside her enjoyable wazoo. And that is what she’s intend to do for her pleasure and yours. After she faps her fur pie and massages her large bouncy bosoms. Sharing those intimate drubbing moments is of course caring. The sweethearts at XL Gals are out to please.

“I like cumming whilst I am getting banged in my arse. Most wondrous agonorgasmos ever. I’m a arse wench. I love a bit of booty, fingering and touching with tongue.”

“Guys don’t come on to me with pick-up lines. They do not pull that stuff with me. Indeed I guess I intimidate them. Sexually, I’m over-assertive.”

“I get tons of attention. I discover it enjoyment, actually. If I catch boyz, sweethearts likewise, staring also long, I will take my closed fist and go under my boob and intentionally bounce it at ’em. Usually the right boob. Almost any of my friends greet me not by a handshake or a hug but a light tit slap. It’s rigid to hide these puppies.

“I live in a climate that allows me to wear reservoir tops not quite year round. I am always in a low-cut-shirt and my hooters are usually falling with out the top or bottom. I am always adjusting them! That is why I wear a undergarment when I am in public. They are hazardous to others if not properly contained. I am always braless at home and I sleep undressed.”

Hazardous? Not ever! Thanks for the sexy display, Aimee.

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Jenna Valentine – My Busty Valentine

My Big-Boob Valentine

My Big busted Valentine

It’s Jenna Valentine’s fourth time showing off her sensational body to The SCORE Group’s cameras since November, 2009. Jenna’s third time was in Mexico for On Location Puerto Vallarta (“Puerto Vallarta Vacation” at SCORELAND). Notice everything different moreover the 3 tats on her legs? An supplementary H is involved. As in 36 double-H.

“My milk shakes have gotten greater, which is strange ‘coz I lost plenty of weight and I feel like they shouldn’t acquire greater ‘coz I have been doing this Pilates and ballet-bar class every single day,” Jenna told. “It’s love Pilates mixed with a ballet class, but it hurts. It hurts fine. I have no idea why my fun bags got greater. I do not want them to grow any more. This is fine sufficient. When I started with Voluptuous, I was a 36F. Then I was a 36H. I was heavier in Mexico, though. It was sad breakup weight. I am an emotional eater. I have a lot of feelings. My Twitter name is ‘all of the feelings.'”

Active on Twitter and Instagram, Jenna’s done with web-camming for now. She’s on to other activities.

“I’m a glamour model coordinator for I am a makeup artist, primarily for porno, but I’d adore to branch out. I like doing commercial makeup. On the porn sets, the lads are always saying, ‘When you do your first scene, can it be with me?’ and I’m like, ‘Nope. I am at not time doing it.’ They say, ‘When you observe people having sex on the set, does it make u lewd?’ It makes me truly fatigued. I nap on-set. I don’t even view girl-on-girl. If I was intend to look at porn, I would view girl on girl, but I don’t observe any of the porn we film. Really, betwixt makeup and Gods Gals, my life is love a titanic love tunnel. I am seriously living in a labia. There is love tunnels everywhere! I receive emailed cookies! Then I look up and there is a fur pie on-set. Sometimes a schlong.”

Welcome back, Jenna Valentine. There are no penises in your SCORELAND shoots. In other words, no cunt blockers to click here the way.

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Barbara Angel – Hooter Hotel Hook-Up

Hooter Hotel Hook-Up

Hooter Hotel Hook-Up

Goddess DeLuca, Angel Wicky, Cutie Gee, Barbara Goddess. Everyone named Gal at SCORELAND is lewd. This is not a complaint. The final time we saw Barbara, that babe was shopping, tanning and lunching with her photographer recording it all (“Date With An Angel”).

On this day, chesty Barbara Hotty walks into a hotel. She’s wearing a raincoat. A raincoat over fuck-me-hard underware. That babe is actually…angelic.

Miss Angel-Tits knocks on a door and Thomas, her wazoo call, is concerned to lay the pipe to this always-smiling and chipper brunette hair with bright eyes and big juggs that go into a room before the rest of her body.

A girl-next-door who has an ordinary, archetypal job, Barbara wanted to ramp up her experiences. She’s young, lusty, busty, voluptuous and loves to sexercise. SCORELAND gave Barbara the chance to widen her angel wings.

“I wanted to do this for a lengthy time and when I spoke to SCORE, I took the opportunity to fulfill this fantasy,” Barbara said us.

“I am the same having sex on-camera as I am when I am with a dude in intimate. There is no difference in how I am and behave. I love to look at the digital camera when I can. This makes it more gripping for me. My favorite position was from behind when this dude slammed into me. Even so, I loved each position we did and sucking his rod.”

The next time u see a hotty in a raincoat, you’ll wonder if she’s got on nothing but underwear. If she’s like Barbara Cutie, it is a sure wager.

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Heather Barron – Redheaded Super-Slut Heather Gets DP’d

Redheaded Super-Slut Heather Acquires DP’d

Redheaded Super-Slut Heather Acquires DP'd

The first time that babe was at, mother-of-four Heather Barron broke her on-camera cherry by sucking and screwing 2 fellows. A three-way in her 1st scene…damn astounding for starters.

The second time she was here, this lustful redhead screwed a big, dark jock and let it cock juice pie her constricted ginger slit.

The 3rd time that babe was here, Heather took JMac’s monster cock unfathomable in her anus. None of that apprentice slight 10-Pounder stuff for Heather’s chocolate hole. This babe went for the big one.

And now, in her fourth appearance, Heather is appreciating the fun as two chaps take turns on her butthole and treat her to a Dual Penetration. Yes, it is one in her fur pie and one in her chocolate hole at the same time for the horniest female we have ever met.

Here, Heather is actually clothed to shag in sheer lingerie. Her nipples shove through the wet cracks. She is wearing crotchless belts for easier access to her copulate holes. The boyz take turns fucking her throat, twat and chocolate hole. They sandwich her and cum on her face and pantoons.

We asked Heather to name her top 3 carnal encounters, and this babe told, “My 1st threesome at Fourty something is definitely in there. One more wasn’t long ago with a lad from Canada. Some other was with this younger black chap with a large meat-thermometer. But I think this has to move to the top of the list.”

Hey, it is not daily that a mastix receives DP’d. But Heather is unlike any other woman.

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SinFul Celeste – Sinful Sex Bomb

Sinful Sex Bomb

Sinful Sex Bomb

What a way to end a week. SinFul Celeste, one of our prefered newbies, committing some of our beloved sins in her first hardcore scene. This 38DDD-cupper has the bra-busters, curves and ample assets for it, likewise. A fact that babe is gratified of.

“I love to emphasize my chest,” Sinful Celeste told us. “When I am out on the city, you’ll always detect me in tube tops and low cut tops. I love the attention, too. I adore to view studs turn around to catch another look of me.”

Right now, our valuable pal Tony DeSergio is trying to seize a glimpse of Ms. Celeste as she strips. Though in a short time, he is grabbing a lot more than a glimpse. Specifically, he’s grabbing her plush naturals, cushioned curves and chunky rump. And not also lengthy after that, Tony’s pecker is stuffed firmly inside Sinful Celeste’s soaking moist love tunnel. Those two fuck in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy style previous to Tony discharges his ball batter all over her pretty face.

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