Mabel Moore’s National Treasures

Mabel Moore’s National Treasures

Mabel Moore's National Treasures

Mabel Moore has it all plus eyes that light up when the camera is turned on and pointing in her direction. “Her stunning curves are what XLGirls is all about,” wrote Seth, who knows a top-rated girl when he sees her.

Mabel does justice to her workout shorts and tank top but they don’t stay on her plush curves for long. After her bouncing and clapping boob play and some cheeky ass spanking, it’s off to the shower and her showerhead. Then to bed with her pink penetrating buzzer that makes her cry out from the tingling sensations.

Although Mabel is a quiet girl, you can see she’s fun and confident. It’s always hot when a girl is uninhibited about showing off her body and masturbating, especially if she’s into doing that on-camera.

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Meet Lexi Lix

Meet Lexi Lix

Meet Lexi Lix

“I love to give pleasure,” said Lexi Lix, a 52-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Kansas. “I think my openness is very sexy. I enjoy sex and feed off my partner’s hunger for me. I don’t hold back if I’m allowed to do so. I submit and enjoy!”

Submit to Lexi and enjoy her first scene at The tall (she’s 5’10”), thin, horny redhead shows off her beautiful body, spreads her legs and fingers her often-gaping pussy. Later this week, Lexi will suck and fuck one of our studs.

Lexi has been a swinger for most of her adult life.

“I just took breaks for years at a time when I had a partner who was not interested in it,” she said. “My wildest experience wasn’t too crazy. Just two couples having sex in the same room.”

Which, although not wild by the usual swinging standards, is a lot wilder than what most people ever do.

Hobbies: “Writing poems and songs and painting.”

Kinds of men she likes: “All kinds. Mostly it’s the personality that does it for me. I do like younger men, though.”

Perfect day: “It’s stressless and peaceful with those I enjoy having around me and my two small dogs.”

How she dresses to go out: “It depends on where I am going. If it’s an adult scene, then usually a bit sexy, at least. If not, a dress, jeans or skirt and a cute top.”

Here, Lexi is wearing skimpy lingerie. Perfect.

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Star Boobs

Star Boobs

Star Boobs

Max provides the stud service luscious blonde German bra-buster Sandra Star loves. He should feel honored and blessed to be chosen for this scene.

“What satisfies me depends on the man I am with,” Sandra said. “I don’t have a favorite position. Every one is quite nice. My pussy is tight. My ass is tighter than my pussy. I am assertive so a man should be more assertive than me. As for going out, I am old-school. I like elegant dinner dates so we can talk and flirt first.”

“People ask me if I have any fetishes. I tell them not really but I do like kinky shoes.”

The green-eyed blonde doesn’t smoke. Except when she’s taking her clothes off. Then she really smokes.

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Ciel loves to be watched

Ciel loves to be watched

Ciel loves to be watched

It’s cleaning day in Ciel‘s household. Not very exciting, right? Wrong. You see, Ciel is a sexy, 44-year-old Frenchwoman who’s wearing a little dress, and everything she does (including dusting) she does in a very sensual way. She doesn’t know that her step-son is watching her…but then she catches him.

“Tommy, is that you?” she says. “Your father would be furious if he knew.”

Furious if he knew that his son was jacking off to his new wife? Probably.

But Ciel has a solution to this problem.

She’s going to have him stroke his cock while she plays with her pussy.

That’s a solution? Damn right it is!

Unfortunately for Tommy, he doesn’t get to fuck his step-mom. But he does get the best show of his life.

Tall, thin Ciel is 5’8″ with long, shapely legs. She told us, “I tend to date younger men because I’m playful and we seem to get along better.”

Her hobbies: refurbishing furniture, abstract painting, dancing, playing chess and “anything creative.”

Panty preference: “Thongs.”

She’s been an ER nurse, a business consultant, a medical device trainer, a river guide and a go-go dancer.

And she said, “I’m an exhibitionist. I love to be watched.”


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Submit To Your Mistress

Submit To Your Mistress

Submit To Your Mistress

“I’ve been a bad girl,” Trinity says as her scene opens.

Trinity is wearing a sexy and revealing fetish outfit, more for Saturday nights than Sunday mornings. Even calling it an outfit is a bit much. She’s wearing a black cage dress (which covers very little of her sexy curves) and some red boots. In short, Trinity looks ready for a good fuckin’ time. Well, ready for a good fuck. When a DDD-cup XL Girl is dressed like this, there’s only one thing you can do: fuck her brains out. It’s a shame we aren’t there with her, but we don’t mind watching. Especially because Trinity is the type of girl who loves exploring fetishes.

“I have a few fetishes,” Trinity said. “I like foot play and I like smoking, too. It’s sexy. I’ve dabbled in BDSM a few times with guys and girls, and that’s always so much fun. It’s so hot. I’ve never done it with a girl and a guy at the same time, though. That’s one I’m going to have to do soon. I’d like to be eaten out by a girl who is being dominated by a guy at the same time. I’d love to cum in her mouth while he rips her booty.”

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The Stacked Student

The Stacked Student

The Stacked Student

“I’m Irish and Sicilian,” said Kate Marie. “I mostly got the Irish side. I naturally have freckles. But I have brown eyes with dark hair. You don’t see a lot of women these days who are very pale, and it used to be a very proper thing beauty-wise. If you were a noble, you were pale. If you were a worker, you were tanned. I know a lot of Sicilian women who have big boobs or big butts. I think my chest is from my Sicilian side.”

Kate said her boobs weighed 12 pounds total when she was 18.

“The doctor had a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that’s the total on your chest.” Kate buys her bras from Tina’s Closet in Illinois and other shops catering to large-breasted women.

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The Maddie Cross Show

The Maddie Cross Show

The Maddie Cross Show

When a woman like Maddie Cross is doing housework, she’s putting on a show even if she doesn’t realize she’s putting on a show. Today, this 56-year-old divorcee and mom is wearing a little top and a very short skirt. It’s usually boring to watch a woman sweep and dust, but Maddie is not the average woman. She’s a super-MILF, so we get to see her big tits hanging out and her ass cheeks sticking out. It’s quite a view! Yep, watching Maddie clean is a lot of fun.

But then she catches us. Uh-oh! We’re in trouble, right? Well, only if watching Maddie stripping out of her around-the-house clothes, shoving her tits in your face, taking off her panties, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy while she tweaks her nips is your idea of trouble. It’s our idea of a good time.

40Something: What’s a typical day in your life?

Maddie: Well, in the spring, a typical day for me is quite nice, actually. I get up between four and five in the morning and pack my husband’s lunch. Get him off to work. And then I go down to the barn and I take care of the horses and then I’ll exercise our yearling. Then I’ll clean any stalls that need to be cleaned. Yes, I do muck stalls. [Laughs] I drive a Bobcat. I can do anything that needs to be done. I even know how to fix a fence.

40Something: I bet you’re not wearing what you’re wearing in this scene, are you?

Maddie. No. I look like your typical barn worker. I’ll be in a pair of jeans or shorts and my work boots. Hair up in a ponytail. Usually a little, strappy shirt so I’m nice and cool. The people around the barn have never seen me in something like this.

Or maybe they have and she just didn’t know it.

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That Busty, Lusty Spanish Teacher

That Busty, Lusty Spanish Teacher

That Busty, Lusty Spanish Teacher

Who better to teach Spanish than this sexy damsel? Miss Daylene Rio, SCORE Girl and part-time Spanish language instructor in an adult education class, is trying to tutor a guy who has other things on his mind. These things include Miss Rio’s whopping blouse mountains, her jutting bubble butt and her cock-sucking lips, plus her beautiful face and shapely legs. Who the fuck can concentrate on any subject with an instructor like this?

During a private Spanish lesson, student Johnny loses his mind and makes a grab for her ass cheeks and her big boobs. Miss Rio is shocked at his delinquent behavior but not so shocked that she doesn’t cave in to her own horny desires. Before she can say, “Class dismissed,” her thick nipples are being sucked and her heavy tits fucked right there by her desk.

Throwing caution (and her skirt, low-cut top, bra, heels and panties) to the wind, Miss Rio finds her hot hole getting finger-banged. There goes the Spanish lesson out the window. Daylene drops to her knees and, her massive, naked tits dangling and hanging free, feasts on Johnny’s extra-large enchilada, trying to stuff as much as she can into her hungry mouth. She squeezes her heavy pillows together–with his cock in the middle–one of her favorite things to do for a guy. If his cock were a tube of toothpaste, every speck would have been squeezed out.

Daylene gets on her desk for her first dose of hard wood in her pussy, and by the time her boob-shaking fuck class ends with a splash, they’ll have fucked on the floor, fucked standing up and fucked on a chair. He even picks Miss Rio up and carry-fucks her. Looks like he’s getting an A and a gold star from Miss Rio. When the teacher is stacked and hot Daylene, who would not want to be her #1 pupil? This student has taught the teacher a few tricks!

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Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

The idea for this Lola Paradise scene was one of several suggested by Lola.

“He is seated and reading Voluptuous magazine. He turns the pages and sees my pictures. He starts to masturbate. I come into the room and say, ‘What are you doing? You are a bad boy!’ I start to undress and help him….”

XLGirls: This was a horny scene, Lola. What did you think of your photos being published in Voluptuous magazine (Volume 27 Number 3)?

Lola Paradise: They are amazing! I love working with the SCORE Group team in Prague. They are doing a great job. My biggest dream is to be on the cover of Voluptuous magazine. That would be awesome!

XLGirls: Have you ever masturbated to your own videos?

Lola Paradise: No but I had sex watching my videos.

XLGirls: Does looking at your videos and photos with your man usually lead to sex?

Lola Paradise: Yes, it does, as I mentioned.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman hit or yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Lola Paradise: One or two times.

XLGirls: Do other women ever comment about your big breasts or ask you questions?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course. It happens all the time and all my life, to be honest. They say “Oh, my god, your boobs are so big!” They ask, “Does your back hurt because of them?” or “Are they real?” or “Can I touch them?”

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An ass you can’t refuse

An ass you can’t refuse

An ass you can't refuse

You might recall that this past summer, Maddie did a scene in which a friend of the family came over to help her do some yard work. Maddie was wearing a tiny bikini that showed off her voluptuous body, and before she knew it, she was helping herself to the dude’s cock.

This scene is the sequel to that one, but you didn’t think Maddie was going to do the same-old same-old, did you? Of course not!

“Hey, Maddie. You need me to work on your pool again?” he says.

“That’s not what I had in mind for you,” says Maddie, who looks better than ever in her bikini. “I was looking for another excuse to get you here today. I think we need to have more of that fun today.”

“How can I say no?” he says. Well, he can’t and he doesn’t want to.

“I actually had something extra in mind,” Maddie says. “I think I want you to fuck me in the ass today.”

Of course, he eats her snatch and fucks her mouth and pussy first. And he plays with her big tits, which are even bigger than last time. And he does it outside, poolside, where the neighbors could see them. But then she takes the action inside, where she gives up her ass. It’s an ass that’s made for fucking.

There is no moral to this story, unless that moral is, “If your hot friend of the family wants you to come over and fuck her ass, do it!”

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