Amanda Remington: Brickhouse Rental Agent

Amanda Remington: Brickhouse Rental Agent

Amanda Remington: Brickhouse Rental Agent

When brickhouse rental agent Amanda Remington says she provides full service to her clients, she means what she says. Nicky needs a new place to live so he arranges to look at a location with Amanda and meets her there.

Stacked and heavy-boobed Amanda finds that wearing short skirts that ride up when she bends forward and blouses that show off the goods are effective marketing tools in the competitive housing market. The blonde bra-buster will always bend over in any direction for a promising client. “Did you notice I don’t have a bra on?” Amanda asks Nicky. He can’t stop staring at her and that pleases her.

She eyes Nicky up and down like a shopper looking for the biggest piece of meat in the supermarket. Before he knows it, Nicky is in the bedroom licking her pussy and getting his dick blown. Amanda needs to get fucked hard. If he can fuck her so hard that she’ll walk funny later, he may get a discount on his rental.

Amanda says she likes to have sex three-to-five times a week. She’s into young, hung guys who know how to use their tools. “A kid I babysat grew up and we reconnected when he was 22 and I was 28,” Amanda said. We should all have babysitters and rental agents like her.

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Gabby’s XXX workout, P.O.V.

Gabby’s XXX workout, P.O.V.

Gabby's XXX workout, P.O.V.

When this scene opens, first-timer Gabby Lamb is exercising. This 42-year-old divorcee and mom is wearing butt-hugging shorts and a midriff-revealing top that show off her beautiful body. We get nice views of her slender legs, shapely ass and long, red hair. And it turns out that someone else is getting a nice view of her, too.

“You watching me?” she says to the guy, who’s watching from above. She invites him down for a closer look.

“You really know how to move,” he says. Damn right she does.

Before long, Gabby is exercising his big cock, jacking and sucking it then showing us how her pussy moves on a hard cock. She and her partner–who could be you in this P.O.V. scene–work up quite a sweat, and Gabby ends up opening her mouth for his cum. Hmmm…cum has calories, doesn’t it? Maybe Gabby should workout again. She’s welcome to do it for us any time.

We said she’s a mom. She has seven kids. The fact that she has that many kids and that body is a fuckin’ miracle. Women like Gabby are the reason we wake up every morning and thank the porn gods.

We asked Gabby if the people she knows would be surprised to see her at and she said, “Not friends. Family, maybe, but I don’t know if they would ever look and find me.”

Gabby says she surrounds herself with open-minded people. Hey, we’re open-minded!

Gabby has been a nurse and an exotic dancer. She found us through a friend. We asked her if she’s a nudist and she said, “I relax nude and am not shy about my body.”

There’s absolutely no reason she should be.

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Holly Wood: Sweater Stretcher

Holly Wood: Sweater Stretcher

Holly Wood: Sweater Stretcher

When Holly Wood was in town to shoot at SCORE, she went out at night with her girlfriends. Naturally, Holly wore the tightest and shortest outfits. Now, South Beach is normally packed with women wearing swimsuits, tank tops, tight dresses and shorts but Holly was spinning heads left, right and center.

“I had to get a whole new wardrobe, and I’m a little high maintenance so it’s not like I could get normal stuff,” Holly said. “I had to get the fancy, pretty, amazing stuff, and I can’t just walk into a normal store and buy a bra. They don’t carry my size, so it’s a bit of a mission now special-ordering them or finding companies online that actually carry my size. Shirts, that’s a little bit easier to find than big bras, and I don’t want ugly bras. They gotta be cute. Who wants to cover these up entirely? Why?

“With me, every sweater is a tight sweater. Like I said, my tits are Ms for massive! People have to see me for themselves to understand. I cannot hide these tits no matter what I put on, and the wardrobe change I’ve had to go through is crazy. I like how outfits look on me. I like how shirts and dresses fit me, the amount of cleavage that I have, the side-boob, the under-boob. I can’t pick just one.

“I get stopped everywhere, which is great. It’s fun. People are respectful if I’m eating dinner or in the Jacuzzi at the hotel. They’ll say, ‘Can I have a picture when you’re done?’ It’s been a good experience so far. Nobody has been rude, but I love the attention.”

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Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient

Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient

Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient

Milan is sick in bed. He needs a nurse. Fortunately for him, when he wakes up, he sees Nurse Kenzi Foxx standing next to his bed. He can’t believe his eyes. Is she a real nurse or a porno nurse? Is there a difference?

Well, yeah. A real nurse would be wearing a boring white uniform. Porno Nurse Kenzi is dressed in a little outfit that conceals almost nothing. Her nipples are barely covered and she’s wearing white stockings. And a real nurse probably wouldn’t reach under the covers and stroke her patient’s cock. And suck it. And fuck it.

So, to sum things up, Porno Nurse is a lot better than Real Nurse. And just in case you were wondering, Nurse Kenzi is 51 years old. Her patient is 27.

Kenzi is from Brooklyn, New York and lives in Orlando, Florida. She has DD-cup tits. She’s an aerobics instructor and a personal trainer. She told us, “I love to be watched. I go to clubs and meet guys there so people can watch me get fucked in the open play rooms. I love to have an audience and put on a show with multiples.”

Kenzi is a wife and mom, and here’s something that surprises us:

“The people that know me in my vanilla life would be very surprised to see me here,” she said. “I come off as innocent and naive to people I work with and acquaintances.”

That’s hard to believe because, to us, Kenzi comes across as so slutty, so cock-loving. Plus, she’s got that body with those big, fake tits and pierced nipples.

Maybe the people who think they know her really don’t know her.

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Seka exposed

Seka exposed

Seka exposed

What’s 64-year-old wife, mother and granny Seka Black wearing in this scene?

Zilch. Nada. Nothing. She’s 100% naked (not even shoes) from the get-go. Mrs. Black is enjoying a beautiful day by her pool. She plays with her big tits. She lies back and deep-fingers her pussy. Then she turns around to give us a nice view of her broad, fuckable ass.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She has a smokin’ bod with big tits and a nice, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for.

60Plus MILFs: There was a famous porn star in the ’70s and ’80s named Seka. She was one of the all-time greats.
Seka: Yes, I named myself after her. I had seen her on the porn sites, and my husband pointed her out to me a couple of times and I noticed that we looked very similar, but she had retired, and I started this, and I thought, ‘I love the name and I love the actress,’ so I went with Seka.

60Plus MILFs: So, you used to be a…
Seka: Stripper. I thought it would be a great experience to find out what it would be like to be a stripper, and it was fun.

60Plus MILFs: How old were you when you started stripping and where did you dance?
Seka: I was about 45 years old then, and I danced in Fort Lauderdale at Pure Platinum.

60Plus MILFs: For how long did you dance?
Seka: About a year. I loved it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being the center of attention. I loved the excitement of teasing and turning on men, especially black men.

60Plus MILFs: Was your clientele similar to the other girls’?
Seka: Similar, but surprisingly, there were a lot of younger guys, too, who wanted to get dances from me. They loved the way I had my own technique of stripping. The other girls didn’t have as much clothing on. I love garter belts and stockings. The other girls weren’t doing that so much, so it was a turn-on for the younger guys to see a woman like me dressed in sexy outfits.

60Plus MILFs: The first time you gave a lapdance to a 21-year-old guy, were you surprised that he wanted you rather than a younger girl?
Seka: No, not at all. Sex is sex. It doesn’t matter what age you are. When I was dancing up there, I could tell that the way I danced was a turn-on for them. I could see it in their eyes and the way they moved closer to the stage when I was up there. There were some women who were there mainly for the money. I was there for fun. And I guess the guys could tell I was there for the fun because they liked me a lot.

60Plus MILFs: What was fun about it for you?
Seka: The exhibitionism and also the hotter play when we were one-on-one. I liked giving lapdances. I liked the contact and the excitement and seeing the look of pleasure in the man’s eyes. It was all a turn-on for me.

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Cutest Girl There Is

Cutest Girl There Is

Cutest Girl There Is

“I wasn’t always a big girl,” CJ Woods told us. “I actually weighed 102 pounds at one time with an 18-inch waist. I was around 28 years old. But I still had D cups.” Women often get heavier as they get older so that’s normal. SCORE magazine’s loss back then is XL Girls’ gain with CJ finally deciding to try her hand and the rest of her luscious body at nude and guy-gal photo shoots.

“At home, I don’t have much time for a personal life, so sex is great at XL Girls. I get all I could want while I’m here. I was always interested in the adult industry but now I finally have the self-confidence to do what I thought about doing for a long time. I don’t look or act my age and I’m glad I was able to join a professional company and reach my goal.”

CJ plays a tune on the piano before she plays a tune on her nipples and pussy. Excuse us if our eyes are fixated on CJ’s cleavage and her sexy body wrapped in a nice tight dress and not her nimble fingers stroking the keyboard. The Southern blonde MILF never told us she could play the piano! How many more hidden talents is CJ hiding from us? You know what they say about Southern gals. If you do know, write it in the comments section.

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Janne In Berlin

Janne In Berlin

Janne In Berlin

Janne Hollan, a Prague native, is voluptuously busty and proud of it. Back home, she works as a customer service rep for a car manufacturer.

“I like to dress provocatively,” Janne says. “I like to wear short skirts and tops that show big cleavage. Men are always staring at me when I dress in that way and I like that. But I do not like it when men only stare at my breasts. I enjoy that but I also like a man to look at my other qualities and want to get to know me as a woman.” Janne likes men who take care of themselves. “I like when a man is older than me. I love types like George Clooney and Richard Gere; confident, sure of themselves, and nice men.”

There’s something else that’s American that Janne really likes. “I love big cars and big trucks,” says Janne. No Smart Car or Fiat for this blonde hottie. “I like cooking and baking. I love traveling and discovering new things and meeting new people. I like all types of dance and I’ve tried pole dancing. I don’t watch a lot of sports but sometimes I watch ice hockey. I go to the gym a few times a week and I skate when I have the time.” She looks in some ways like a Czech version of Renee Ross, depending on the angle she’s in.

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A mother of seven who’s tight and right

A mother of seven who’s tight and right

A mother of seven who's tight and right

The woman you’re about to see has seven children.

Keep that in mind when you see Gabby Lamb, a 42-year-old divorcee from Chicago (born in Grand Rapids, Michigan) who doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. She used to be an exotic dancer, and from the looks of her, that comes as no surprise as all.

“I danced for quite a while,” Gabby said. “When I was younger, I used to sneak out and go to the clubs, and eventually they started paying me to show up and I started doing exotic dancing. I did that for quite a while, and when I got older, I did very well as an older woman dancing.”

She doesn’t dance anymore. Instead, she’s here in our studio showing off her tight little body for all the world to see. Later this week, Gabby is going to suck and fuck real cock on-camera for the first time.

Gabby is only 5’4″, which is surprising because in pictures and on video, she looks a lot taller. Her dancer’s legs and high heels have a lot to do with that. She weighs only 104 pounds, so you could easily pick her up and fuck her while she wraps her legs around your waist. She was a gymnast when she was younger and has also been a competitive pole-dancer.

“I enjoy reading, mostly non-fiction,” she said. “I enjoy salt water fish tanks, wildcrafting, design, art, museums and history.”

Gabby told us she masturbates “maybe two or three times a week, but I’m sexually active.”

Again, no surprise there.

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The Joy of masturbation

The Joy of masturbation

The Joy of masturbation

In her return to, 55-year-old mother and divorcee Constance Joy shows us how she likes to get off. She’s using her fingers and a vibrator. Later this week, she’ll get the real thing.

Let’s find out more about Ms. Joy.

50Plus MILFs: Fantasies?

Constance: I’ve lived out most of my fantasies. Of course, having two men around all the time would be a great fantasy. Not just sexually but all the time. I’ve had more of my fantasies come true in the last year than I ever anticipated.

50Plus MILFs: Let’s hear about one.

Constance: Well, living as someone’s little mistress for a week. I was flown up to Indiana for five days and played around with a nice couple, then they flew me up to Myrtle Beach for another weekend, and then I got on a swinging cruise for a week and came back and now I just got back from a swinging resort in Jamaica, Hedonism.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into women?

Constance: It depends on the woman. I like them to be tall, slender, fun, attractive. Somebody with my shape. I love petite women, too. I think they’re just adorable.

50Plus MILFs: Ever eaten pussy while being fucked?

Constance: Yes. I liked it, but it’s hard to keep your concentration.

50Plus MILFs: Would your ideal threesome be with two guys or a woman and a guy?

Constance: Me with two guys.

50Plus MILFs: Ever had more than two guys?

Constance: Yes. Three. It wasn’t a gangbang. It was at a gangbang party. It wasn’t all three at once. They were taking turns. It was within an hour and a half.

50Plus MILFs: Have you ever watched a guy jack off?

Constance: Yes. I like those types of videos. I ask guys to send them to me. I don’t know why. I do. I think I learn something, too. I learn how they like their cock touched.

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Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

Best of Tits & Tugs: Kali West

The beautiful Kali West is eight months pregnant in this highly-rated Tits & Tugs scene. Kali’s not ready to pop just yet but she is ready to pop Joey’s nuts with her sweet little hands and soft, big tits. Like all hand parties and tit-fucks, this scene was photographed in POV for maximum effect. Kali also sports a bushy pussy that’s sure to please the all-natural lovers.

“I was a tease at first growing up. I always used to wear stuff that showed cleavage. Low-cut tops. My mother tried to stop me. I know there was a time when my grades dropped, and it was the last two days of the quarter, and I went to one teacher and said, ‘Please? Can you help me?’ I was really sweet and made sure I wore a cute outfit, and he said, ‘No problem. I’ll help you out.’ I don’t think he would’ve done it for a flat girl.”

The power of the big chest of Kali West.

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Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

Work It Out With Ivanna Lace

When gorgeous Ivanna Lace works out, she does it with dedication, high energy and passion. She wants to keep her beautiful body in top shape. Keep a few feet away or you could risk getting hit by her heavy, swinging boobs. You’d probably love that.

A whirlwind of motion, Ivanna does her stretches, calisthenics, breast jiggling, swinging, bouncing, clapping, hanging and flexing. She’d be a great training partner. We get tired but erect just watching her work out. If anyone is an inspiration to start a fitness routine, Ivanna’s the one.

Ivanna takes a break and extracts an object from her couch for some girl-play time. There are furniture stores that include free sex toys when a model buys a sofa or a bed. Only models can shop at these places.

XLGirls: Ivanna, if you could print any word or sentence on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Ivanna: My brain is power. My tits are not my brain but they are also my power.

XLGirls: Have you ever dated a man who didn’t care about big breasts?

Ivanna: No, I haven’t. Every normal man likes breasts.

XLGirls: What would you like to say to your many admirers at

Ivanna: I am very pleased by you all. I wish everyone and each of you to be healthy! I am very grateful to everyone who follows me and supports me.

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