Bodacious Bikini Girl

Bodacious Bathing costume Girl

Bodacious Bikini Girl

It is bathing suit time at a pool for XL Angel Mya Blair. Mya’s a Carolina beauty who webcams and has a cheery, joy personality. And great, big boobies and a great wazoo. Mya has a theatrical background also and commented about her stage experiences.

Mya: I’ve been in many musical productions through my school career. I indeed performed in Spring Awakening a few years back. That’s my favorite musical. I’ve been in Into The Woods, Thoroughly Modern Millie, a lot of flaunts.

XL Girls: Who did u play in Into The Woods?

Mya: Rapunzel. I was one of the few people in the cast who could sing really well, so they told, “This is the hardest singing part. Here you go!” I was in Hi, Dolly! I was in Fiddler On The Roof. And I was in The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

XL Girls: We want u had done some singing in this pool movie scene. What is this Trailer Park Musical?

Mya: It is exactly what u probably think it is. It’s a musical that’s place in a trailer park. It is crazy, but I was the main character. I was a stripper who came into city and destroyed everyone’s life.

XL Girls: Did u disrobe on-stage?

Mya: It was implied. I did not acquire naked, but it was implied that I was topless. I had a hat–a indeed greater than average hat–covering my bouncy bosoms.

XL Girls: Too bad for the audience.

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All Titz, Glitz & Hips

All Titz, Glitz & Hips

All Titz, Glitz & Hips

It’s always major wood time when Holly Wood (August 2016 SCORE, Big assed White Vixens 6 on DVD) is in the house. Her red lace-up leotard was designed for maximum bazookas and a-hole breast valley and exposure. We’re tellin’ ya, almost all hotties can’t fill it the way Holly fills it.

SCORELAND: What brands of bras do you buy now? What size fits foremost?

Holly: I love Victoria’s Secret. 36DDD!

SCORELAND: Have u always shaven your fur pie?

Holly: As lengthy as I can remember. I love it clean and smooth and really I am a bit of a beast. I wax and I do it myself.

SCORELAND: Holly, you can have your preference of super powers. What’ll it be?

Holly: I want to fly.

SCORELAND: We’ll call you H-Bomb Girl. If you can select any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, u would have…

Holly: Sexy Booty Hollywood. All Glitz & Glam.

SCORELAND: And titz. What kind of swimsuits do u wear?

Holly: The smallest ones possible!

SCORELAND: A wise decision.

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Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

“Do you adore those? Are they bigger in size than standard enough for you?” king-size breasted 41-year-old Holly says to her gent at the kick off of this scene. She’s wearing sexy lingerie that her DD-cups are pouring without and, understandably, this chab cant keep his hands off her. Then this smooth operator is digging deep down her panties for cookie, and that babe is getting hornier by the second.

“I adore it when u show me who’s in charge,” that babe says. “You’re making me so wet.”

Holly’s knockers come out. Then she acquires on all fours to show him her surprise: a multi-pierced pussy.

“I decorated it for u,” this babe says.

What this babe did not must decorate is her chocolate hole, which gets gang screwed unyielding and deep in just about every position, culminating in missionary, which is how her ass is getting fucked when the lady-killer cums inside.

“I thought, ‘What would make my on-camera anal experience even hotter?'” Holly said. “‘How about letting him cum in my booty?’ I mean, it’s anal. It’s kind of a sexual thing. Why not make it over-the-top with a smutty anal ball cream pie?”

Hey, why not?

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A greater than run of the mill darksome knob for Brandi’s arse

A greater than typical dark ramrod for Brandi’s ass

A large black dick for Brandi's ass

Brandi Fox is now Fourty five years aged and she is going by the stage name Sky Haven. But she’s still married and she’s still a Mommy of 2, although she’s now living in Houston, Texas (not California). Here, this babe is making one of her fantasies come true by getting ass-fucked on-camera by a big, darksome knob. U might recall that the last time this babe was here, she got ass-fucked by Rocky and filled to the brim by JMac’s big dick. And if u don’t recall that, view the clips on

Let’s catch up with Brandi (or Sky, if u will), who calls herself “the wildest Mother in the neighborhood.” Almost certainly that’s true (unless that neighborhood includes a bordello, in which case that babe still might be the wildest). We asked her what makes her feel hot, and she told, “Working out and looking great at my age.”

We asked her what’s the best thing about being a alluring female, and she said, “I must model and I receive away with things that normally people don’t receive away with.”

Love having anal-copulation on-camera?

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Young cock and a creampie

Young weenie and a jism pie

Young jock and a creampie

Charlie Charm, who’s 63 years mature, is beginning over. Her boyfriend is gone, and that babe is having an estate sale. Well, Tarzan is one of her first customers, and this chab can’t live without what he sees. He urges to example the goods, especially after this chab spreads an aged book and Charlie’s nasty pictures fall out.

“These are u, huh?” he asks. “I can jerk off to these.”

But he doesn’t must stroke ‘cuz this chab is gonna fuck her. Of course, that lady-killer can jerk off later during the time that thinking about how he screwed her, but for now, this chab receives the real thing.

Yeah, it’s a brand-new commence for Charlie, and this one has a glad ending…with cum in her fur pie. It’s a man cream pie for Charlie in her hairy shag aperture.

By the way, Charlie is Thirty years older than her lad in this scene. But that’s no thing recent for her. She’s used to fucking juvenile hot men.

“They’re barmy but impatient and they have tons of stamina,” this babe said.

Charlie is a Mom and a grandmother. This babe says that babe is “shy and proper at home.” She is a registered nurse, but that babe too has her own naughty website. Demure? Proper? Hmmmm…

“I like to have sex and be sexual in public,” that babe said.

Ok, what’s Charlie’s idea of coyness?

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Merilyn was not even born when the ’80s female aerobics craze took over western civilization. Aerobics classes took over each corner. Every video, from comedies to slashers, and each TV expose, featured sexy girls in day-glo spandex and fishnets working out to aerobics. Bars and nightclubs played tapes of gals aerobicizing. Every celebrity with a slit and a couple of mellons came out with her own fitness movie scene. Every str8 lad, many sporting mullets, loved this phenomenon. Merilyn has observed a not many of those movies and this is her recreation of that fad, due for a comeback. Her silver sky-high heels are an additional accessory.

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Pinch A Boobie

Pinch A Boobie

Pinch A Boobie

This is the sort of outfit Kerry would be wearing if you saw her shopping in a department store. The fact is this babe could look hawt in a potato sack. Do not stare for more than a fleeting second if you’re with some other lady ‘coz you’ll get smacked upside your head. We’ve seen it happen. Perhaps the top would not be happen. Kerry is very proud of her body and her tits and that babe feels that the human form is a work of stunner. In Kerry’s case, it’s.

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Guess What? I’m A BBW Porn Star!

Guess What? I’m A SUPER-VOLUPTUOUS Porn star!

Guess What? I'm A SUPER-VOLUPTUOUS Adult star!

Tarzan finds out that Porsche Dali is a BBW porno star and has many credits at XL Beauties. The fact that this chab doesn’t view bigger in size than typical goddess porn doesn’t mean this chap is a bad person, just a lad we feel sorry for. He shows up at Porsche’s place with a copy of XLGirls magazine. Now that buck is curious about the entire thing and a little intrigued by how it all works. This chab wonders if this guy could need to be male talent. Porsche suggests to coach him and that buck eagerly and naturally accepts.

XL Girls: Porsche, do you’ve a sex bucket list?

Porsche: A three-way with 2 boys or two girls would be great. I am an anal virgin. One of these days I plan on trying it, so u can definitely add that to the bucket list.

XL Girls: What about sex in public away from the digi camera?

Porsche: My 1st experience was in public but there was nobody around. But I have been at a party in advance of and screwed anybody on a trampoline in front of everyone. Sex on a trampoline is so much fun.

XL Girls: You love it when boys fuck your milk cans?

Porsche: I can give a worthwhile titty-fuck. I use a lot of slobber. A cutie has to squeeze her bra-busters jointly indeed taut to make it a wonderful titty-fuck.

An XL Beauties member named Aperture wrote, “This gal is one of the best BBWs of the last 10-15 years. Her sex drive is beautiful. That babe is a true performer and so nice-looking.”

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Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Bambi Blacks is the creampie queen of the Britain. Lawyers and doctors specialize. Why not sex stars? A jism pie is one of the items on the to-do list for Bambi in her first SCORE hardcore scene.

When Bambi discovers one more girl’s photo on her boyfriend’s phone, they have a fight in a park. An angry Bambi wants to know what’s up and her stud Jamie argues back. That guy twats his phone back and angrily commands Bambi to go upstairs to her flat. Bambi walks off, fuming and sullen.

On the way, Bambi spies Kristoff on another park bench. A neon sign flashes over her head and spells out, “Get yourself some revenge sex.” Bambi sits next to him and picks him up in record time. Her humongous ta-tas in a low-cut costume do most of the talking. She invites him up for some no-strings fun and Kristoff is happy to tap this big-chested angel he is not at any time observed previous to.

Back at her place, Bambi buries Kristoff’s bigger in size than run of the mill fuck-stick down her mouth, one of her other specialties. Her face hole does a number on his weenie and while she is engulfing him off, she takes a selfie in the action. Kristoff nose-dives into Bambi’s hairless taco, then rams into her, rogering her love that stud has a plane to catch. Bambi is one of these sex stars who looks into the digi camera and talks whilst she is doing the filthy with a chap, adding a POV look to the action.

Bambi will be getting her creampie delivered and a knock on the door right after her fur pie is loaded. Her revenge will be complete.

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Kelly’s Oral sex Fixation

Kelly’s Oral-service Fixation

Kelly's Oral-service Fixation

Furthermore that capacious undergarment coming off and Kelly playing with her large ole’ juggs, and all that nice stuff, We really like the way Kelly fellates her pink sex toy. Kinda receives us thinking ram…dirty stuff. About us and Kelly and… You get the picture. Go think up some messy ram of your own.

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Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Is there a hotter ally with benefits than Carmen Hayes? No, sir! We call Carmen a pliant flyer ‘cuz of the man-pleasing way that babe can flex her legs in the majority fuckable positions with the greatest of ease.

Carmen stars in the DVDs Big breasted Hookers, Big busted Working Sistas, The Breast Of SCORELAND and has appeared in many more lascivious SCORE vids since this babe began undressed modeling. In “Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy,” Carmen is being hit on at a bar but she’s not receptive. In fact, this babe is annoyed. “You cant even handle me,” she tells one wanna-be horndog trying to receive into Carmen’s straps. Carmen tells him that that charmer has no chance. This skirt chaser persists. She snubs him. This skirt chaser wishes her bad.

Carmen says that this chab could at not time receive past her humongous bumpers and that he’ll blow his load way previous to this smooth operator ever got around to sticking it in. The bar customer makes a deal with Carmen. If that gent loses his man-goo before he can bonk her, he’ll buy her a diamond necklace!

Carmen tries to acquire rid of him but the barfly is persistent. Carmen gives a decision to take the wager. She knows the things that babe can do to a rod guarantee her to win the wager. Because she has a better clutch on reality than he does and because she’s a very handy cutie with a valuable backhand and a strong wank! When Carmen Hayes says you won’t keep your load past her larger than average jugs, believe it. A fool and his money, and his cum, are soon parted.

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