Alby gets DP’d, the video

Alby acquires DP’d, the movie

Alby gets DP'd, the video

Alby Daor, a skinny wife and Mama, climbs into couch wearing tiny, pink underware. There are 2 lads in the daybed with her, and they can not make almost certainly of how great her body is. She’s showing off her ass coz that is where that babe craves to be fucked. It’s a preview of things to cum.

“I have those two young chaps, and this is my first Dual Penetration on-camera,” Alby says.

And then that babe gets right to the action ‘cuz that is what she is here for. Not to have a conversation. Not to tell us all about herself. To bonk. To receive DP’d by two young, hung porn guys, one black, one white. They do her right, and when they can’t hold back any longer, they give Alby’s face a admirable glazing. And we mean wonderful. By the time this scene is over, cum is oozing off Alby’s pretty face.

We asked Alby what she does to make her ladies man happy, and that babe told, “I do everything I can for him at all times and do soever this gent asks of me, no matter what or where. That smooth operator has tutored me well, and I’m rewarded by him fulfilling all of my craves.”

Love, for sample, allowing her to come to and receive DP’d…while that gent watches, by the way. This isn’t really a cuckold scene ‘coz we by no means see or hear Alby’s husband, but this chab was there, sitting solely numerous feet away.

We asked Alby what she would do if time were frozen for Twenty four hours, and she told, “I would spent it in my taskmaster suite with my dude, drinking champagne, eating strawberrys, chocolate and pizza and having a 24-hour sex session. I’d give multiple blow jobs and agonorgasmos as many times as possible.”

She doesn’t need time to be frozen to do that.

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Sexy & Smart

Sexy & Smart

Sexy & Smart

“I learned about giving nice head when I started watching porn,” Nikki Smith told. “The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a cock with out using your hands. So I was indeed satisfied of myself when I mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities.

“My method is to definitely take it unfathomable. I would say to girls: gag yourself if u have to. It is awesome; they love it. Not likewise much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the meat-thermometer. And savour it. Don’t suck shlong if you do not adore it. It completely ruins it. If u enjoy it, they enjoy it. If u do not have fun it, they do not enjoy it as much.

“With masturbation, it was manually for a lengthy time. But on the cam they adore toys so I started trying ’em. I have this one little purple Doc Johnson that I totally like. It’s a little G-spot thing that works adore a charisma every time. But if I am feeling truly frisky and I wanna have a indeed eager large O I’ll receive the Hitachi.”

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Master Piece of Ass

Dom Piece of Gazoo

Master Piece of Ass

“I tend to wear little, very short shorts and little tank tops,” Morgan Leigh told about how this babe dresses on any given day.

“I’ve been seen out in little swimsuit bottoms and a reservoir top or whatsoever. Smth just little. Something that I can catch the sun in.

“You know, little people with larger than run of the mill whoppers love to wear high heels for some strange reason. And I guess when a hotty with bigger than typical boobies wears high heels, it pokes her mellons out even farther. You know how high heels make a woman’s legs look more wonderful? I guess they make her billibongs look better, also.

“Guys will stare and smile and laugh with me. They won’t say mean things. Honey bunnys are the ones who can be not so admirable about it. They seem to be jealous, or they’ll just giggle. The lads are nicer to deal with when I am out in public.”

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A big, black cock for DayLynn’s ass

A bigger than run of the mill, black penis for DayLynn’s wazoo

A large, black meat-thermometer for DayLynn's ass

In her second hardcore scene at–her second hardcore scene ever–51-year-old DayLynn Thomas gets what she came here for: a big, darksome 10-Pounder up her tight butt.

We asked DayLynn if she’s into anal job, and she said, “That is a very interesting question as I’ve at not time done anal with anyone anyway Corporalist, and I always tell him no, but he takes what this chab craves, and in the lengthy run, I like it.”

“Master,” meaning the Lothario she calls her “black bull taskmaster.”

“Master,” as in not her spouse. Yeah, that babe is married, but the Lothario she’s banging on a regular basis–the chap who tells her what to do and when to do it–is not her boyfriend. He’s, as we said, her darksome bull taskmaster. Or Dark Bull Master, as she put it on her adult model info sheet.

By the way, this chab came along and watched whilst King Noire, who’s also a bit of a taskmaster who loves to take out of asking, plundered DayLynn’s mouth, snatch and rectal hole and came in her booty.

DayLynn was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky. This babe lives in Fort Myers, Florida on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This babe is only 5’1″, which means this babe is simple to toss around in the sack, and this babe loves to spend her free time “kayaking the back bays of Florida and working in the garden.”

But this babe spends lots of her time with Black Bull Master’s jock.

“My Dom had mentioned 50PlusMILFs to me and thought I should give it a try,” that babe said. “Otherwise, I never would have done this out of his encouragement.”

Did she ask her husband for his blessing? No screwing way!

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Lady S. fucks again!

Woman S. screws again!

Lady S. copulates once more!

Cuz u can’t get enough of her, Headmistress S., a 64-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from the Britain, shags for the third time at The lad she’s with is Thirty three, so that ladies man is easily young enough to be her son, nearly young sufficient to be her grandson. But this babe sucks his ramrod in any case, ‘coz that’s what that babe enjoys doing, then she bonks him until this chab cums on her love tunnel.

60PlusMILFs: How do u stay in such fuckable shape?

Female S.: I work very inflexible to keep my body trim. I go to the Fitness Centre 3 or four times a week. I crave my spouse and other studs to want me. My husband tells me I’m glamorous and says this chab would not change a thing.

60PlusMILFs: Smart man. Favourable fellow, too. Now, you’re retired, but u used to be a…

Domme S.: A school teacher! One time I retired, I was professional to acquire into modeling and then I got into this. I am a natural exhibitionist and adore showing off my body anytime and anywhere. Sex is very important to me and I like exploring the one and the other male and woman bodies. It is the almost all natural thing in the world.

60PlusMILFs: What’s your best asset, other than your body?

Female S.: I have a lively sense of humor which makes people snicker. My best physical assets are my smile and my wazoo.

60PlusMILFs: What’s the finest way for a skirt chaser to get your attention?

Woman S.: Make me laugh. Naive and enjoyment guys are always attractive to me.

60PlusMILFs: What do you do for your smooth operator to make him feel peculiar in and without ottoman? What does this petticoat chaser do to make you feel special?

Woman S.: Lots of cuddles, kisses and touching with out sofa, all day. In couch, he can’t live with out me to wank his chest and nibble his neck. He does the same to me. We tanalize every other, also.

60PlusMILFs: What were your top three sexual encounters?

Woman S.: Sure! When my partner and I first met. Having sex out in the open with an old partner. Having sex with a younger man I met on the Internet. And now, being here!

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Big Boobs & Tiny Bubbles

Bigger in size than typical Bumpers & Slight Bubbles

Big Whoppers & Miniature Bubbles

We can not say if Kaho Shibuya would wear this very unusual-looking bizarre swim dress at the beach or at a hotel’s pool. She’d make plenty of guys pleased if that babe did, before their girlfriends poured a bottle of water over their heads. “This sort of swim costume is called an ‘eyepatch bikini’ in Japan!” Kaho said. She tip-toes into the bath for a swim costume shower and bubble washroom. That babe is a living doll with a hawt voice, like her worthy ally Hitomi.

SCORELAND: Kaho, are you recognized in public?

Kaho: I hide my pantoons in public and wear glasses–I wear contact lenses for work–so rarely.

SCORELAND: What do u like to do for fun?

Kaho: I play shogi and ukulele.

SCORELAND: Do you drive a car?

Kaho: I have a driving license but I don’t drive. We call that a paper driver for we merely use the license as a photo ID. In Tokyo where many transportation options are obtainable, u do not have to drive. But most of all, I am afraid to drive.

SCORELAND: How would u describe your personality: in public and in private?

Kaho: I am very outgoing and socially active in public, but in intimate I’d like to spend time just by myself without going out for a gulp to socialize. I don’t even drink alcohol and I detest trying to fit in. I honestly have joy being different.

SCORELAND: Do u observe porn at home? If yes, what kind of porn?

Kaho: Only the ones I am in, for research.

SCORELAND: Do u have any sex dreams?

Kaho: I guess at this point, almost all of ’em became realities. Now I solely want what everyone wants: have good sex with a worthy skirt chaser.

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Tits Of Glory

Bouncy bosoms Of Brilliance

Tits Of Glory

“I’m confident with beauties, confident and passive with fellows,” Alana Lace told. This babe is a sex bomb any which way this babe rolls. Her big, chubby breasts open many doors and her milk sacks come into the room way before the rest of her does. She’s too one of the horniest girls we have ever photographed, very aggressive.

“At a VIP party, I happy 2 angels orally and with a married couple. I happy her in the bathtub and orally in the bedroom. My all-time kinkiest thing was penetrating my fiance with a strap-on. It is called pegging. When I’m alone, I love to do myself with a marital-device and look at teen and lesbian porn.” You cant say Alana doesn’t have diverse interests.

“I adore lads to be coarse and demanding with me. Having my love bubbles drilled truly receives me going. I flick my tongue out to take up with the tongue the tip of the cock between my love melons and if this chab is lengthy enough, I suck as much as I can acquire.”

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A dark cock/white wang DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

A black cock/white pecker DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

A black cock/white wang DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

U know a 40 something lady is particular when we bring her back to bonk for the fourth time. Go throughout our archives and you’ll see that it hasn’t happened very often. Maybe a handful of times in the long history of And it’s not just that Alby Daor is peculiar. All of our MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK are specific. But Alby is peculiar and she is doing something particular in her 4th scene: That babe is getting DP’d by 2 young, hung males. One of them is 22, and this chab has a large, dark-skinned 10-Pounder.

Her spouse watched, by the way. That stud came along so this chab could look at his dear wife get her fur pie and butthole filled with strange 10-Pounder. And maybe that Lothario helped her clean up afterwards when that babe had two loads of cum all over her marvelous face.

By the way, Alby is a Mamma, likewise. We wonder if the kids know about their parents’ vacations to South Florida.

Alby told us she watched her previous three scenes alone and with her spouse.

“I thought they were put jointly well and was cheerful with the final product,” Alby said. “I got wanton watching the films and pics. I became very concupiscent. My smooth operator was happy watching the films with me coz I became very luscious and kooky to receive at his weenie.”

And, so, they rogered.

“I had sex right after watching my scenes,” she told.

Alby also told that doing this “has enhanced my sexuality.” We did not know it needed any enhancement. “I get wanton knowing that people have viewed me having sex on film. This experience has likewise made me take more amazing care of myself physically ‘coz when I do some other film, I urge people to get slutty.”

Done. And we do not think a lady could look any better. Alby’s a 10.

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Brandi Bae

Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
Brandi Bae @
On a hot, summer day what’s one to do but hang out by the pool? That’s what Mandingo wishes to do…just chill by the pool and sip a palatable beverage. Brandi Bae has other plans. She’s slutty, her bawdy cleft is sopping juicy, and the last thing she desires to do is sit by a pool. Instead, Brandi wishes to sit on Dingo’s 13-inch slab of large, darksome meat. This babe is not at all professional anything of that magnitude, and now this babe cant keep her mind off Mandingo’s legendary ramrod. This dude is easily swayed, also, and it doesn’t take long for Brandi to drop to her knees and attempt to choke down all that weenie! She can barely acquire her throat around Dingo’s bulbous head!! How is it ever intend to fit in her enchanting, taut slit?? Well…it does, but that leads up to some other challenge: can Brandi Bae take Mandingo up her taut, tight shit pipe?!? With some unfathomable breathing and relaxation, sure sufficient — Brandi let’s Mandingo’s humongous tool into her chocolate hole! There is only one thing left, and that’s to drop back down on her knees to take Dingo’s sticky-sweet jism all over her attractive blonde face!!
Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
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Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor: Teasing Titillation

Amie Taylor will make your day. She’s a juvenile, marvelous chick with a curvacious body and larger than average, heavy, natural hooters. It took some time to receive Amie to SCORELAND. That babe was worth the wait.

“I started to develop when I was 18 years aged,” Amie said our photographer. “When I leave the house, I like to wear dresses that fit well around my bra-busters and shirts love the kind you see me wear in this movie scene.

“I like to take long walks, hang out with my friends, listen to music…and sleep. I do not look at sports or have any prefered teams.”

Amie detected out about The SCORE Group from a ally but we knew about Amie months before she made contact with our studio. What we didn’t know was how well that babe can wear high heels and stand on two chairs. It’s in this episode and very excellent.

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Rachel Love’s Rack Job

Rachel Love’s Rack Job

Rachel Love's Rack Job

Who among us does not think Rachel Like is as sexy as a lunch wagon taco in Puebla, Mexico? Miss Love has been handling a mean stick on and off since 1994.

“Rachel Love’s Rack Job” proves the golden-haired Californian with a baby doll voice can handle a billiard stick also. The camerawork is in point of check out, sparing us from seeing the human-dildo’s rogering face as this skirt chaser fills Rachel’s fur pie and shags her cleavage on the floor next to the pool table. Your balls are in her corner pocket.

Detect out her grasp on the dude’s stick as she jerks and yanks, teases and tickles it to a glad ending. Her aim’s a little off but it all ends in a priceless large mess nonetheless. Chalk up some other proud opponent for this sexy, little pool hustler! When u lose to Rachel Adore, you still win.

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