Toni Evans – Big Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

The great Brit fuck star Toni Evans (likewise known as Kirstyn Halborg and a bunch of other names) acquires drilled by Alberto 1st, then immodest Euro porn buck Pascal joins in and they work Toni over until she’s pounded senseless and overspread in goo. Now that’s a happy ending.

Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn chap Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). Linzi herself appeared in 30 something magazine (SP 38) and was too on the Boob Cruise in ’97.

“I literally awoke one day and had double-Ds,” Toni recalled. “At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup undergarment. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and anything.

“I think my 1st shoot was a usual topless shoot for The Sport newspaper. I abhored posing for these pictures. I’d come up to London to stay with some allies and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I wasn’t love one of these gals who’d be going round flashing my marangos everywhere, but I would always wear the majority provocative, the almost all see-through outfit I could acquire away with.

“To me the astronomical kick was getting in there and getting all glammed-up, getting on-set and getting shagged. Not thinking of the camera. Now looking back if I would had thought likewise much about the camera I probably would never have done it. It’s stiff when you’re in this business cuz average people do not shag love us, don’t talk adore us, do not act like us. Our entire lives are completely different.

“I adore D.P.’s. It’s true. Because u just acquire triple orgasms all the time. It really is alluring. Do u know, I say this to any lady hand-on-heart; you have gotta do it. You have just gotta do it once in your life so you know.”

Toni is now a modeling agent placing gals in porn films. She meets girls wherever this babe goes.

“I usually say; ‘Do u fancy earning some supplementary specie?’ and then I ask ‘em if they’ve got a partner. Boyfriends are usually a predicament. I say: ‘Are u into enjoyment and are u open-minded?’ Open minded is the key word, I discover. I know from experience if they’re cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor that’s a great combination to make a top pornstar!”

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Paola Rios – Paola Rios Chesty Chica Part 3

Paola Rios Chesty Chica Part THREE

Paola Rios Chesty Chica Part 3

The fotos in this set brandish Paola Rios traveling around the city of Buenos Aries. This babe is wearing a constricted, sheer pink top that clearly displays her brassiere. (Her prefered brand of under garment is Selú which happens to be Argentinian.) Paola receives daring in the car, flashing her bosoms, but she’s careful about it and doesn’t do it out side in the street ‘cuz she doesn’t crave to acquire into trouble. Even so, Paola’s a magnet and attracts all kinds of Latin lotharios trying to get next to her when they go for lunch. This was Paola’s first time in Buenos Aries and this babe was lascivious to be in this erotic cosmopolitan city.

Later, back home in the living room, Paola releases all of her energy dancing. This babe was listening to music on her headphones when Karla asked her to dance. Paola pulls her very low-cut, skintight tube costume and slight belts off her very charming body and dances around the room and against a projection of the SCORELAND web site. These shots are very psychedelic looking. Paola wanted to be a showgirl when that babe was growing up and glamour modeling at SCORE pleasured some of that crave.

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Azure Dee – Bold And Ass-Fucked

Ballsy And Ass-Fucked

Bold And Ass-Fucked

“I love how my booty feels,” 57-year-old divorcee Azure Dee says. “But I don’t have any fun doing it myself.”

Fortunately for Azure, 25-year-old Rocky flaunts up to save the day. Cuz the thing is, what Azure can’t live without almost any is how her gazoo feels with a pecker inside. And that’s what that babe is plan to get.

“To me, there’s a worthy line between enjoyment and pain,” Azure said. “Anal sex suggests its own sensations, and that paired with clitoris stimulation can take me over the edge in a heartbeat.”

Indeed, Azure acquires there in a hurry when Rocky starts pounding her old ass. And when he’s finished fucking her arse each which way, Azure sucks her arse juices off his 10-Pounder. And then she has him cum on her face.

When we asked Azure if people would be surprised to watch her here, this babe said, “Yes, although they wouldn’t put it past me to venture in this direction ‘coz they know I’m ballsy.”

Cocky and ass-fucked. Ideal.

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Kat Vixen – Kat Vixen

Kat Honey bunny

Kat Vixen

Kat Chick was one of XL Beauties earliest adult models. That babe and her boyfriend are swinger couples and they were one of the 1st to open an “amateur sex” web resource in the early days of the net. (Samantha Kay and Princess were too big-girl swinger married couples and group action practitioners on the net in the early ’00s.)

This scene was shot at XL Beauties in 2002. Kat and her hub are still a presence on the web. This is an excerpt from an interview with Kat at the XL Angels Studio.

How often do u have sex?

Kat: On archetypal, at least one time a day. Otherwise it drives me nuts.

Do you do wazoo 2 mouth?

Kat: No — I am not into anal.

What male porn actor past or present would you like to fuck?

Kat: I don’t view able porn so it would be my spouse.

What is the most weird position you have ever endevoured?

Kat: Upside-down.

Why do boob-men adore to tit-fuck big busted girls?

Kat: ‘coz u can move the bosoms and change the pressure on the meat-thermometer. Plus there’s the added bonus of being able to cum on her boobs or face after having the fucking feeling.

What do you like about tit-fucking?

Kat: I love to titty-fuck, but hardly any girls do. What I like is the rhythm of the schlong movement, kind of adore the rogering of the snatch. It is even more excellent when I’ve a toy in, banging me at the same time. Very intensive.

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Vivian Piper – Dominatrix-bitch By Day, Slut By Night

Woman By Day, Slut By Night

Lady By Day, Floozy By Night

Vivian Piper is a California angel with DD-cup love muffins and a penchant for picking up strange chaps and fucking them. By day she’s a corporate female and self-professed workoholic. But at night, that babe lets her craves run wild as that babe brandishes off her body and indulges in all kinds of wild screwing. If there is one thing that is obvious about Vivian, it is that she’s an greatly erotic person. She’d not ever been professionally filmed or photographed previous to she came to, but this babe was a natural.

40SOMETHING: What’s your idea of fun?
VIVIAN: I adore picking up a lad at a bar or on the street and flirting with him or having him flirt with me and deciding not if but when I am going to go home and have sex with him. That sounds like a worthy time. And it usually is.

40SOMETHING: What’s the almost all guys you have been with at one time?
VIVIAN: Eight, nine? No wait, I lost track. Fifteen? I wasn’t the one counting. I was kind of busy.

40SOMETHING: Can u tell us a little about it?
VIVIAN: Oh, that was one of the most fine times. I was at a sex exotic dancing club, and I had been stripping around stripped and hot and just letting myself receive groped. I was with a friend who was keeping me safe. We went upstairs and there was a table that I lay on, and I let one boy after some other come up and fuck me. It was sexy. And like I said, I guess I lost count after about 10. It was plenty of joy. They would shag me then pull out and cum on me. They could cum wherever they wanted. As lengthy as it was on me.

40SOMETHING: What do you adore to do in your free time furthermore screw multiple fellows?
VIVIAN: [Laughs] I love worthy dining, and I especially enjoy wine tasting. I really love short day drips that involve those two. Too, I am oddly fascinated with home appliances, so any chance to shop for these is great!

40SOMETHING: Do u normally wear panties?
VIVIAN: I always wear briefs, but they’re always lacey and girly. More than that, I am a throw-back beauty. I almost always wear a garter thong and stockings, especially when I’m out on a date. Dudes are always surprised to identify that I dress love that in real life.

40SOMETHING: Would you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
VIVIAN: Yes. I love to be viewed, and love I said, I love to show off. I find it thrilling to put on a flaunt and know that boys are watching me and getting turned on by me. I’m a very erotic person who isn’t afraid to brandish it.

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Cindy Cupps – Origins: Cindy Cupps

Origins: Cindy Cupps

Origins: Cindy Cupps

“I don’t go out a lot. I don’t party. I’m not jumping from disrobe club to disrobe club. I’m not a nighttime person. I’m outgoing, but to an extent. I can not say I have ever been a party gal. Do I like to go out and have a small in number cocktails each now and then? Yep, I do. I am a regular person. I love to go out, savour, have a hardly any drinks. I like to party a little bit. But do I do it on a regular basis? No.”

So told Cindy Cupps in one of her chats at SCORE.

Cindy may have been the almost all low-key SCORE Goddess of ‘em all. That babe modeled at SCORE, that babe danced at Cheetah III in Pompano Beach, she went home. A longtime friend of Crystal Gunns, who had a very different personality, Cindy had a loyal following up to her retirement from stripping and adult modeling not lengthy after Crystal retired.

This clip was the very 1st shoot at the SCORE studio in the summer of 2001. When Cindy was here, she strolled around the building meeting the employees. That was Cindy, always amicable.

When that babe was still stripping, Cindy said she would be recognized by browsers, locals and tourists.

“I’ve had lots of people come up to me, especially at Cheetah III, and say, ‘Oh, my God, you are Cindy Cupps from SCORE. I can not believe I’m truly getting to meet you in person.’ So that feels fine. I have gotten quite several people who were surprised to watch me in the exotic dancing club. And they’ll say, ‘I have to have a dance with u.’ And I’ll have a conversation with them and they’ll say, ‘I can not make almost certainly of you are this wonderful and personable. Not the archetypal adult model.'”

Cindy from the block? Always admirable and personable.

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Dulcinea – “Play With My Boobs!”

“Play With My Scoops!”

Dulcinea says if this babe were a pastry, she would definitely be cheesecake.

“I’m love a cheesecake with strawberries in it,” she told. “I discover cheesecake to be savory, whereas other cakes are fascinating off the bat. So with cheesecake, the more time u spend with it, the better it receives.”

This sweet HH-cupper’s reasoning certainly is sound. The Brotherhood of XL Bucks loved their first taste of Dulcinea in her September debut, and her first hardcore in December was the perfect cherry-poppin’ topper.

Member Rizzo123 had this to say about Dulcinea’s 1st hardcore: “Amazing! Hope to watch more of Dulcinea! What a ravisher!”

Your desire is our command, Rizzo. Dulcinea isn’t rogering this day, but her downy curves and plush pantoons do look as enjoyable and irresistible as ever. Especially since she’s the type of demure, girl-next-door we love encounter. Love many of our favorites beauties, Dulcinea’s first-ever nude modeling experience is with us. A self-described bubbly but demure hotty, posing for us is her way of breaking without her shell.

“I guess u could call it a sexual awakening,” this babe told. “I just wanna be more comfortable with my body, more gratified of it.”

Dulcinea has plenty to be satisfied of, and u can investigate every ounce of her once some other time in the video version of this set.

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Audee – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Recent adult model Audee Czechs out chest good. SCORELAND has long since given up trying to have to the bottom of why Czechs and other eastern European nationalities lead the world in the international bigger than standard bosoms race.

Audee from Brno loves to play the guitar but since none was accessible on the set, this babe strummed a tune on her squeeze box with her talented fingers. “I adore to play with my toys at home when I do not have a lad to take care of my needs,” says Audee. “There are many sex shops here and I can find interesting toys for sweethearts. Of course, I’d prefer to have a date with a nice buck, like dinner and cinema, and then go home to have sex. I love long foreplay and massages.”

Letting our inspector examine her bra-missiles, Audee talked to one of our contacts in her country about posing. That babe was willing to whip out her mangos and widen her legs wide. The next time u see Audee here, there will be a weenie betwixt those legs.

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Amanda Verhooks – Amanda Verhooks, Courtesy Of Sally D’Angelo

Amanda Verhooks, Courtesy Of Sally D’Angelo

Amanda Verhooks, Courtesy Of Sally D'Angelo

Amanda Verhooks, a 49-year-old hard-body from Michigan, makes her initial appearance by engulfing and rogering JMac’s cock. Amanda is a thin, fit blond who’s wearing a short, blue suit. When that babe fucks, this babe spreads her legs wide on top of the cock. Then JMac fucks her doggy style and makes her wet crack gape while this babe fingers her anal opening. Then that dude cums in her face hole. Will Amanda get banged in that taut gazoo? Yeah. Eventually. But for now, her tight, mature bawdy cleft is getting all the attention.

“I have sex 10 times a week,” Amanda told us. “I did a 30-year-old this summer. That petticoat chaser had a titanic dick. He and my husband team-fucked me.” JMac is 30 and has a humongous wang, and Amanda handled it very well.

“My friend Sally D’Angelo told me about you,” Amanda told when we asked her how she identified “I love her!”

Amanda and Sally have a lot in common. They’re one as well as the other dirty-talking harlots. They one as well as the other know their way around hard cocks. They both like to screw on-camera. And they both have tight bodies.

By the way, Amanda turns Fifty on December Thirty, 2014.

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Alyssa Lynn – What The Peeper Saw

What The Peeper Saw

What The Peeper Saw

What we’ve here in this recent Alyssa Lynn rencounter is a peeping, sneaky neighbor who craves to have sex with the sexotic buxotic dancer originally from Strip club Risque in Philadelphia. Alyssa had an meeting like that one time and that babe opened the movie scene of this scene talking about it.

This nosey neighbour spying at the window wants to give Miss Lynn more than a cup of sugar–a stiff jock in her constricted, pink hole and a large load on her face and big boobies is more of what he has in mind. In Alyssa, he’s detected the flawless neighbour. Each lad should be so lucky to live close-by to her, especially since that babe keeps her window curtains open like a naughty little neighbor.

How did Alyssa, who was a licensed practicing nurse for five years, move from nurse to topless stripping to porn?

“A ally told to me, ‘You should get into porn.’ That stud knew I was nice at giving head. And this chab said I had the body for it. I thought about it. And I was already lap dancing. I view porn but not daily. Off and on.

“I was a wonderful fuck, I guess. And body-wise, too, he said. That dude said, ‘I do not think you are giving yourself sufficient credit.'”

So Alyssa eventually followed his advice.

“I love being more tractable, but then anew, I sometimes like being more aggressive,” says Alyssa who found fresh things about her sexuality in porn. “I adore being choked a little bit. That’s smth I discovered about myself in porn. I was like, ‘Wow, I adore that!’ I do not crave my face to turn red, but just a little. I do not know why I adore it. I can not figure it out. Do I crave to figure it out? I know I love it.”

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Kamille Amora – Back For More…Cock!

Back For More…Cock!

Back For More...Cock!

It’s been also lengthy a expect for Kamille Amora to come back to XL Girls and widen the adore in a new hardcore scene. If the brassiere fits, you need to rub her bazookas. These larger than standard, large, large 36I mangos need a lot of gripping and handling and they’re intend to acquire some now. It is no surprise that the pro-studs here ask to do a scene with her. Super-loyal to XL Girls, the Seattle siren is one hot and shapely babydoll. This is Kamille’s 3rd hardcore scene, not counting a Mangos & Tugs jacker.

“I adore being exposed and showing off my body,” says Kamille. We could tell right away by her body language, the way this babe strolled thrusting her large zeppelins out. This babe is busty and pleasured. “I pretty much walk around my abode in nature’s garb all day.”

What’s been 25-year-old Kamille’s wildest erotic experience so far?

“In Las Vegas, I went to a place called the Green Door, and I went there with a not many girls, and we solely went with two boys. The lads knew about the complete scene, what was going on there, and we traipsed in and it was smth u wouldn’t await to experience. I definitely did not wait it. Everybody was walking around bare. They have different rooms. They have a gynecologist’s seat that you can sit in. It is odd but it is pleasure. It’s one of the hottest attractions out there as far as erotic lap dancing clubs go. So I had sex. Plenty of it! I can not even remember exactly what I did, but I know it was lots of fun. And I had the huge breasts at the strip club, so tons of dudes were into that. That was probably the wildest night I’ve ever had! So far!”

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