Lyla Lali – Lyla’s very juicy, bright pink cunt

Lyla’s very juicy, bright pink snatch

Lyla's very soaked, bright pink cunt

Those of you who have enjoyed watching tall, slender shag toy Lyla Lali getting her ultra-pink slit and constricted gazoo drilled will savour having her all to yourselves in her 1st solo photo set.

“I have smth damp and pink for u, chaps, and I can not wait to expose it to u,” said Lyla, who’s Fourty five and lives in South Florida. And by the way, Lyla: We’ve viewed it.

Lyla was born in Fresh York City and lives in South Florida. Her knockers are DDD-cups. Her eyes are green. She plays tennis and enjoys watching basketball, hockey and topmost fighting. This babe is into yoga, swimming in the ocean and taking walks on the beach. We asked her what this babe wants to do that this babe is by no means done, and she told, “Jump without a plane. I would’ve told have sex on-camera, but I just did that. Shooting for 40something is the almost all joy I have ever had.”

She is also taught yoga, fitness and meditation. We could meditate while gazing at Lyla. We could go on and on about Lyla’s pussy. How pink it’s. How damp it looks. How it gapes. We could have a not many things to say about her backdoor, also. We could tell you how much we’d like to engulf and take up with the tongue Lyla’s snatch. How we’d like to have our faces overspread with her bawdy cleft juice.

But why should we tell u? We’re sure you’ve some ideas of your own. What’s on your minds, members?

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Nikki Cars – Brickhouse Brawds

Brickhouse Brawds

Brickhouse Brawds

“I started posting images on the web just for the pleasure of it,” Nikki Cars said XL Girls’ editor. “We not at any time actually contemplated anything with out it at all. It was my husband’s idea. This chab came home one day and told, ‘We should put bare pictures on the internet.’ So that’s what we did. It was just a enjoyment thing to do, and I ended up indeed liking it. Then I did Southern Charms. That is where I originally started. Adore I told, I never thought I’d get everything out of it. I thought it would just be for the pleasure of it.

“A couple of months in, I was making money and people were sending me messages adore barmy and it spiraled from there. I started doing livecam work and phone sex and then I started doing discharges here. Once I started, I liked it so much that I wanted to keep going. It was funny, especially if u don’t do cam with it. You just go about your complete day, wash dishes, do the laundry and talk to people about sex on the phone.”

Nikki is a woman who acquires what this babe wishes, and what she always urges is that pipe in your trousers. JT might as well not bother trying to even pretend to read that book adore some low-testosterone fellow. It’s more worthy to drop the book, engulf Nikki’s nipples, put penis in her face hole, group action her larger than run of the mill bra-busters, feed her more ding-dong, fuck her wobblers afresh, fill her face hole with boner anew, then permeate her taut, succulent bawdy cleft in bouncy positions until that babe acquires his spunk over her mellons. That’ll make Nikki cheerful and a cheerful lady is a peaceful woman. That skirt chaser can read later.

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Savannah Stevens – “I Love Toys & Boys”

“I Like Toys & Boys”

Newcomer Savannah Stevens is a 22-year-old Texan with large things ahead of her. If she had her way, she’d at no time wear any clothes and just run around out of a stitch. And, since she likes tons of sex, Savannah’s picked the lifestyle for her. We had the impression that Savannah was a cheerleader in school. That babe has the look.

Savannah not at all wears a bra. “My love melons look and feel great out of one. Plus it’s hard to discover my size. I like yoga and kick-boxing. I’ll wear a sports brassiere when I’m working out. It keeps ’em in,” says Savannah. Absolutely. Who desires to see a girl’s bigger in size than typical mounds pop out of her top when this babe is at the Health Undress club?

“I have a scarcely any toys at home. I think it is important for a angel to know her specific spots so this babe can come even harder with a boyfriend. Deep penetration actually gets my G-spot. I can take over 2 feet of pecker. You’d not at all await it since I’m so miniature!”

Two feet of rod? The Masters & Johnson clinic would be very interested in that.

Welcome aboard, Savannah Stevens.

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Sandra Star – Slim. Stacked. Sexy.

Slender. Stacked. Hot.

Slim. Stacked. Hot.

Small. Stacked. Sexy. Sandra is all that and much more. This babe bangs love an athlete. Loves ace bonk and always goes for the gold medal. Sandra knew about SCORE‘s Boob Cruises and would have liked to have gone on a cruise. That babe loves the way SCORE celebrates big-boobed gals. We talked to the hotter-than-hot German SCORE Gal (HardSCORE 6 on DVD) coz we had to know more about her.

SCORE: Were any big-boobed models an inspiration to you?
Sandra: Elizabeth Starr and Minka.
SCORE: Do you admire any SCORE Cuties you have observed?
Sandra: Amy Anderssen.
SCORE: Do you have a list of goals u wanna accomplish?
Sandra: No, I live my life spontaneously.
SCORE: Do dudes adore us ask u a lot of questions about your billibongs?
Sandra: Yes. They ask about size, weight and the effect they have on people.
SCORE: Do almost any males wanna screw your bra buddies?
Sandra: My milk shakes are consummate for that, yep?
SCORE: What kind of swimsuits do u adore to wear?
Sandra: They should be taut with tons of deep cleavage and cut high on the thighs like a Baywatch bikini. I love bikinis also.

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Porsche Dali – Favorite Fuck Doll

Much loved Fuck Doll

Favorite Copulate Doll

“I’ve had sex watching my XL Angels scenes and I’ve also masturbated alone during the time that watching my scenes. Watching myself get drilled is a massive turn on for me. XL Girls has helped me not to be afraid of portraying my confidence, my dish and my naughtiness in all my scenes.”

“I have sex as often as I can. If I need more, I will masturbate. I use everything from fingers to toys to household appliances.” So says Porsche Dali, last seen serving burgers and fries to 2 SCORE Group crew who still jack to the memories. Now Porsche is back to display her rack and tit-attack JMac. She’s wearing a very taut, low-cut suit with high heels. In the episode portion of this scene, editor Dave chats with Porsche reclining in sofa and finds out what she’s been up to in the four years she is been off the grid. “Going to school and working,” Porsche replies. She’s likewise been on webcam. They cover a wide range of topics from sex on a trampoline, which Porsche has done in a party (“When I swallow, I receive very horny” Porsche said in 2010), to under garment buying.

JMac waits his turn anyway his wingman Dave, patiently envisaging for the moment when that stud can conduct his own interview with Porsche. This guy can not await to test his meat-microphone on this massively-breasted enjoyable heart. The chat concludes and the action begins. It is the 1st fuckfest for these 2 and Porsche is mad for a big weenie between her bigger in size than typical mellons and in her pussy in different poses. XL Gals is cheerful to have made this memorable introduction.

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Gabriella Sky – Gabriella Sky has no restrictions

Gabriella Sky has no limitations

Gabriella Sky has no limits

Gabriella Sky, a super-sexy 43-year-old divorcee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera debut by taking on JMac’s humongous penis. Gabriella is velvety and sensual. This babe was born in Jamaica and now lives in South Florida, where she’s a Mother and a speech pathologist. That means this babe helps people regain their ability to speak. You might be speechless after seeing Gabriella’s glamourous, exotic face and hot body.

“I’m very spiritual,” told Gabriella, who’s neither a swinger nor a nudist. “The people who know me would be very surprised to watch me here.”

Gabriella is an interesting woman. She once had a job baking custom cupcakes. She’s a soccer fan. This babe enjoys swimming and going to the gym, where we’re sure she causes quite a stir. This babe wears Brazilian cut briefs. And there are 2 things that babe wishes to do that that babe is at no time done before:

1.) Climb the Great Pyramids.
2.) Have sex with twins.

Identical twins. At the same time. If we could’ve manufactured 2 JMacs, this babe would’ve screwed ’em one as well as the other. More about that in her video interview.

That babe also one time had sex outside in an Italian ruin.

Savour Gabriella.

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Angel Gee – Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube dress, SCORE Gal Angel Gee writes a letter to her guy in the army. “Can’t expect until you cum all over my mounds,” Beauty writes. What a tender sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. That babe rubs her knockers and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There is a knock at the door, Beauty wears a sexy negligee as a fascinating homecoming gift. Seeing Angel’s mountainous mounds below sheer lace, he is on her in an instant, palming her gigantic, mountainous fullsome funbags and pierced areolas. They’re not even 2 feet from the front door as Goddess kneels in advance of his thick wang to worship it with her soaked face hole and squishy hands.

They move to the sofa so Cutie can have her vagina licked and fingered as foreplay for screwing. “You’re gonna have to break me in all over again,” a hyper-horny Gal cries. A very vocal angel, talking ribald makes Goddess even hornier. Angel’s too a screamer. Gals like that are subrigid to find. “I like your ding-dong, baby!” Hotty yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly mounds with out Angel in enough fucking poses for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Gal not solely earns some other set of wings, this babe earns a thick load of spunk all over her titanic jugs.

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Lena Lewis – Let her eat cock

Let her eat 10-Pounder

Let her eat cock

In her second scene at, 52-year-old golden-haired Lena Lewis serves Tony a cake for his birthday. But he’s sad. He’s all alone on his larger than average day. His girlfriend didn’t reveal up.

“You’re not alone,” Lena says. “I’m here.”

“The cake looks adorable,” Tony says. “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it, though.”

But this chab gives a decision to try the cake, which is agreeable, and she sings “Happy Birthday” to him in German. She licks the cream off his lips. And away they go! This is going to be a admirable birthday afterall.

We asked Lena how she ended up in our studio, and she told, “I saw your classified advert on Backpage .com and thought, ‘I can do that.’ I’ve done lots of wild things in my life, and I have an open attitude about sex, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ And I don’t have a partner or children to worry about, so I am not worried about people finding out. Although I do lead a sort of double life. I have to be very secretive about some of the things I do. Sexually.”

Doing this is now part of her double life, although, surprisingly, this babe is not a swinger.

“I’ve not at all had the opportunity. But I am very sexually aggressive. I loathe to expect. Life is too short, and some chaps are just likewise bashful to approach a female-dominant, especially when they’re younger and the woman is older. If I had one piece of advice for boyz, it would be, ‘Go for it!'”

Here, Tony goes for it. Glad birthday to him.

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Katie Thornton – It’s A String Swimsuit Thing

It is A String Swimsuit Thing

It's A String Bathing dress Thing

From the second we saw Katie Thornton, the words “extreme swim suit body” appeared like a biggest neon sign over her. In this photo-shoot, Katie wears a stringy dress that has less material than a packet of dental floss. Then she pulls it off for a bathroom while u look at. Katie get to turn every head, both male and lady when she’s wearing suits adore this at the beach or at pools in Spain and other holiday spots.

SCORE: Katie, do u have any girlfriends with bigger than typical milk shakes like yours? We hope so.
Katie: Yes, lots of gals back in my hometown. We all go out and receive tons of attention.
SCORE: What’s the funniest pickup line a boy has ever said to u?
Katie: This was final year in Spain. I was walking down the street, and a woman chaser sauntered up to me and told, “Do u suffer from asthma?” and I said, “No, why?” And this chap told, “Because you are looking charming chesty.”
SCORE: Do u acquire tons of attention coz of your chest?
Katie: Yep, a lot. Every time I go out, so much attention, but I love getting attention. I like to flaunt them off. I am always wearing the tightest dresses. I am always popping them out.

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Ines Cudna – When Busty Babes Meet

When Breasty Sweethearts Meet

When Busty Chicks Meet

Ines Cudna was proclaimed “The Polish Princess” when that babe made her initial debut at SCORE in March 2003’s edition. So many videos and pictorials were shot of Ines that there is a web page with all of it called and it is part of SCORE’s network of sites.

This was a historic meeting, filmed in Spain for Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s DVD Maximum Insertion. “I think I could be looking at the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I’d better be careful,” thinks Linsey when Ines lays down in a lounger next to her at swimming pool side. “Do u mind if I’ve a look at your fun bags?”

Linsey has much larger and heavier natural bra buddies but Ines is no slouch herself in the bra department. Linsey gives Ines’ big bumpers many licks and kisses and Ines pays her back in kind.
The beauties acquire absolutely stripped except for their fuck-me shoes. Linsey asks Ines if this babe can lick her own areola and Ines does it easily. Ines leans back on a bar stool so Linsey can polish her like button with her tongue. Ines then returns the favor with a flicking tongue. Linsey picks up a sex tool that resembles a ray gun from Battlestar Galactica and asks Ines, “Have you ever observed one of these previous to?” Yeah, Ines has. Ines uses avid looking sextoys and toys constantly–she could probably write a Polish finest seller on the subject.

Ines’ celebrated thick labia intrigues Linsey and that babe seems to savour working over Ines’ long-lipped pussy with this elaborate marital-device and attached love button stimulator. LDM has made it with lots of well-known SCORE Angels (Minka, Danni Ashe and Angelique to name a scarcely any). Ines is the first Polish beauty this babe is ever done up.

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Ellie Roe – Brickhouse Brit

Brickhouse Brit

Brickhouse Brit

“It’s strange if people do not check out me coz I’m so used to it,” Britain stunner Ellie Roe says in her sexy voice. “I acquire plenty of attention from both chaps and hotty’s and I love it.”

Impeccably groomed and a beauty who knows exactly what kind of raiment looks hot on her, Ellie puts on one excited body reveal. This is her third scene at XL Angels. That babe has a lot of special talents so we asked Ellie what special-special talents this babe has. “That involve my big mounds? I can take up with the tongue the one and the other of my nipples at the same time. Does that count?” We’d call that a special-special talent. Many breasty cuties can’t do it.

Ellie too told this babe loves some fetish fun also. “Wearing Latex, being spanked and a bit of light servitude,” says Ellie. Sounds like a angel who enjoys some of that “Fifty Shades Of Grey” action. “I like my Magic Wand and I masturbate every single day.” A spank a day is how Ellie can’t live out of to play.

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